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Where to Start My Genealogy?

How and where to begin your genealogy journey can seem overwhelming. A first step is figuring out which online genealogy databases and tree-hosting sites to use. Before you dive into a database or pay to create a family tree that may already exist, let RootsTech's classes introduce you to, and discover how to use FamilySearch.

What Is FamilySearch?

FamilySearch’s mission is to help everyone in the world discover their family history by providing a free website with tools such as the largest, completely free genealogy database and a global tree that anyone can join or search. Look for your family’s records in’s massive database. These world-spanning record collections are the result of decades of on-going global imaging and indexing.

You can also search and join the world’s tree, which is a collaborative, world-wide effort to create one world-encompassing tree that connects everyone. The tree grows bigger every day. So far, this crowdsourcing project has identified over a billion deceased individuals by family relationships. Learn which of your family members are already profiled on the tree and how to add others.

How to Use FamilySearch

RootsTech is here to help you learn how to use FamilySearch. Discover over 1,500 free, on-demand family history and genealogy classes from past RootsTech conferences. Classes are available in 30 languages and cover from beginner to advanced levels. Feel free to explore any of the classes. Below are links to beginner classes in English and in Spanish to get you started.

While the creation of a username and password is not required, a sign-in allows you to create a playlist of classes to watch on your own schedule, tailored to your interests and needs. You can create an account here.

Click on the RootsTech classes below to learn more about the database and tree:

Are you new to FamilySearch and not sure where to begin? This short introduction to getting started on FamilySearch is for you.
This short video will give you an introduction on how to search available records on to find your family.
In this video, we will show you how to start building out your tree on FamilySearch and why you should do so.

The FamilySearch Tree

It is easy and free to create your family tree on FamilySearch. You may be surprised how quickly you can find ancestors you didn’t know about!
Familiarize yourself with the tree basics using this series by FamilySearch. You will learn how to start, add info, change your family tree view, and much more!
See examples of some of the most common features in the FamilySearch app, such as record hints, searching records, and finding people in the family tree.
If you would like to find a record for one of your ancestors, FamilySearch record hints is a great place to start. Let us show you how it's done!
Use the tree and the FamilySearch mobile memories app to find stories and photos that others have added to the tree.
There are many activities that you can do based on what you already know that can help you learn more about yourself and your family.

Help Resources

FamilySearch offers extensive family history help at no cost to you. Learn how to find help on FamilySearch and connect with these resources.
You can find FamilySearch help, research help, and answers from others who may know more than you do in the FamilySearch community.
How to access a dashboard that highlights the discovery opportunities and record hints specific to your tree.

What Is RootsTech?

RootsTech is a place to learn, be inspired, and make connections through family history. Hosted by FamilySearch and sponsored by other leading genealogy organizations, we have hundreds of expert classes, tips and tricks videos, and inspiring stories that can help you experience family history like never before. Visit our on-demand learning library, or make plans to join us for our next virtual or in-person conference event.

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