Top Ten Signs You're a Hardcore Genealogist

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10. You stayed up all night to try to index the billionth name.

9. You dressed up your kids as their ancestors for Halloween.

8. You bought your kid an Android instead of an Iphone to make sure Indexing works on it.

7. You added the same photo to Family Tree in both color and b&w.

6. After watching an instructional You Tube video, you decided to pour water on your computer to make Family Tree grow.

5. You asked your date if she had a “heart-turning” experience.

4. You taught your preschooler how to write their name in Wikitext.

3. You suffered a slight stroke when you learned PAF was to be discontinued.

2. You have your own set of keys to the local Family History Center.

1. You’re reading the blog at FamilySearch!

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