There and Back Again


There may be a bit of wanderlust in all of us when it comes to traveling. Who doesn’t want to travel the world, experience new cultures and traditions, and spend your days walking the cobblestones of a beautiful foreign city? What if you could combine your passion for indexing with your travel bug? This is exactly what Nancy Allen, of Cibolo, Texas, decided to do.

Nancy has been indexing for only a few years. At first, she considered herself a self-proclaimed terrible genealogist who felt a responsibility to help others by indexing. Her daughter’s family had recently moved to London and invited Nancy to live and travel with them overseas.

With some encouragement from her group administrator, David Fife, she accepted his challenge to try to index in every country that she planned to visit. The following are little snippets from her emails to David.

“I feel like I need to pinch myself. I can’t believe I am really here. We’ve enjoyed the palace of King Henry VIII, a castle of Anne Boleyn’s, and I’ve had the official ‘fish and chips.’ The indexing I have done so far has been in Croydon, England.”

“Buon giorno! I was finally able to get an Internet connection this morning. Venice, Italy, is where I did my indexing today.”

“I was able to do about 15 names on our Mediterranean cruise and a few in Split, Croatia.”

“Today I was able to index in Rome!”

“We were at the Eiffel Tower tonight. I just finished indexing from Paris.”

“Good day from Amsterdam! I wanted to let you know that I submitted work from here tonight.”

“My excursions and travel are coming to an end, with my last trip being to Jerusalem. I was able to index from my hotel room.”

Nancy has since returned to Texas and has never stopped indexing.

“You learn so many interesting things about people and their lives,” says Nancy. “I am fascinated with the people and the stories behind those names.”

Where do you like to index? What is the most interesting place you have indexed? Leave a comment below, or send us an email at– Article by Margaret Stevens

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