Small and Simple Ways to Celebrate Family History Month: Journey to the Past


Family History Month is well underway, but there’s still plenty of time to infuse your life with profound connections from your family’s past. 

While FamilySearch is always here to help you make progress researching your family tree, this four-part blog series is about more roundabout ways to strengthen generational bonds. Next up: a road trip made meaningful.





Bonnie D. Parkin, “Sweet Moments,” Ensign or Liahona,Nov. 2005.

Idea #3: Revisit a Favorite Place from Childhood

Will reality measure up to the magic of your childhood memories? There’s only one way to find out.

Rachael Hutchings, a wife, mother, and food blogger originally from Southern California, loved visiting a nearby mountain town, Oak Glen, as a child. She fondly remembers picking raspberries and cherries from the orchards, visiting the petting zoo, feeding the deer, and eating apple pie for dinner. But what she treasured most of all was taking refuge in her family, far away from the normal stresses of life.   

“Those simple summer outings helped me to know that my parents loved me and my brothers,” Rachael says. “I saw how their focus on our family impacted my life. I felt important. I felt valued. I had a place where I felt safe and where I knew I belonged.” Rachael recently took the opportunity to go to Oak Glen as an adult with her husband and two daughters in tow. She hadn’t been back since she was a teenager.  

How do you share the past with your family?

“I was a little worried that the passage of time had exaggerated my memories and that reality wouldn’t quite measure up,” she wrote. “But as I re-experienced the past through the eyes of my children, it was even better than I remembered.”

You can read more about Rachael’s childhood visits to Oak Glen on (reposted with permission).  

Your Turn

Plan a quick trip back to a favorite childhood picnic spot, resort town, café or diner, canyon, lake, amusement park, national park, city park, or other tourist destination. Bring your grown siblings or an old friend with you for an extra dose of nostalgia, or take the opportunity to introduce your spouse or children to this cherished place.   

Make it a Family History Moment

Dig up childhood photos and re-create them today—by posing in the same place with the same people. Or photograph your children standing in front of the same landmarks, mimicking the original photos. Post your “now and later” photo pairs on social media with hashtags #familystories or #familyhistory. Or include them as a Story on your FamilySearch profile.   

*Don’t miss the last post in this series. If you missed the first two posts in the series, you can find them here: “How Do I Love Thee?” and “A Cake to Remember.”   

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