Update: June 11, 2020—Simplified Temple Reservation Lists

The Temple menu on FamilySearch.org is being updated. With this update, you can more easily see the ordinances you have reserved and those you have shared with others or with the temple.

With this update, when you go to FamilySearch.org and click Temple, a new menu shows on the left side of the screen.

If you click My Reservations in the menu, you will see a complete list of ordinance reservations that are under your name.

My Reservations tab on FamilySearch, showing reserved family names.

To see the reservations you have shared with the temple, click Shared.

Showing list of reservations shared with the temple on FamilySearch.org.

The filter option at the top of both reservation lists allows you to filter the list in various ways. The filters allow you to easily see which reservations have been printed and which remain unprinted. You can also filter by the type of ordinance.

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