Ruby Baird—RootsTech 2016 Youth Ambassador

Ruby Baird

When you think of a family history conference you might think it sounds boring. But in reality, it's so much more! The first year I went to RootsTech I had an amazing adventure full of so many wonderful experiences. I think possibly my favorite part was teaching my grandma how to index. Words can't describe how amazing it was to watch her discover the world of family history! I felt so privileged to be a part of it.

I would especially encourage other youth like me to start taking part in family history. You'd be surprised at how fun it is. There's something amazing that clicks inside of you when you lose yourself in this amazing world.

I can bear witness to the fact that it's more than just dates and records. It's also about finding yourself. I'm always so much happier after I get onto or some other family history website, or index a few records. Take it from me, family history is worth a try! Hope to see lots of youth at RootsTech 2016!

Ruby Baird is our 14 year old youth ambassador for the RootsTech 2016 Family History Conference.


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