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Sadly, RootsTech has ended, having achieved a runaway success as it does every year. On this occasion I could see a greater number of Hispanic faces and this added to the feeling that RootsTech is growing and has room for many more people who like Family History.

This year there were 8,000 people registered. How much more will it grow next year?

I had the opportunity not only to be an official blogger but to present two classes in Spanish. One of my classes, Five Essential Resources for Hispanic Genealogy, was recorded for later broadcast at Family History Fairs around the world. Perhaps it may seem that I am exaggerating, but this is not so. You can find out how to participate by watching a video I will be placing on my YouTube channel Red de Antepasados.

The publication date for these videos is expected in April. You can enroll your stake for a Family History Fair now and then take the rest of the year to find a suitable date. There will be 43 classes available in Spanish along with other content you can use to create specific classes designed for your own locality.

I was also able to give a second class called MailChimp and Family Newsletters where I showed how this powerful tool, generally used to send deals from merchants by email, can be used not only to generate interest in your family about genealogy and family history, but you can also use it to collaborate and stop feeling alone with a handful of nice memories.

I met up with some friends who were in the second year of attendance at RootsTech and asked them why they would come leaving their young children at home. They responded that “… this (genealogy and research) is for them” and this response made me think that this is really how it is. We do research because we like it, but we hope our findings will not die with us but that someone else will take over where we left off.

RootsTech invites people of all ages and from all ethnic groups to come to together to learn. For that reason, next year the conference will be joined by the annual conference of the Federation of Genealogical Societies also known as FGS. This group unites genealogical societies from all over the United States. The invitation is for February 11-14, 2015 and surprisingly enough they have already begun the preparations.

If you’d like to see more videos in Spanish about some of the happenings of RootsTech 2014, I invite you to visit my blog Red de Antepasados or any of its other social media outlets and what you will see, if you’re not familiar with RootsTech, will surprise you.

Are you ready to attend your own Family History Fair?Written by Sonia Meza, author and creator of the blog Red de Antepasados

This post was originally published in the Spanish language version of the FamilySearch blog. Translation for this post provided by Debbie Gurtler.

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