RootsTech Connect: What It Is and How You Can Participate


Every year, families, genealogists, family history enthusiasts, and industry-leading companies come together for the largest genealogy conference in the world—RootsTech. It’s truly a genealogist’s dream, with multiple days packed with hundreds of classes, thousands of participants, exciting events, and opportunities to connect with family past and present. 

In 2020, RootsTech looked a little different. To make RootsTech a safe and accessible experience for as many people as possible, RootsTech went fully online and became RootsTech Connect.

Though RootsTech Connect the event took place from February 25–27, 2021, the learning, connecting and discovering are not over, but just kicked off. The fully video on-demand content has made it possible to participate from anywhere in the world. The best part? It’s completely free—and available year-round.

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RootsTech Connect’s classes and expo hall are now available to browse and view for an entire year. That means you can benefit from RootsTech’s classes and keynotes, explore the virtual booths, and create a customized video playlist to watch whenever you want, wherever you are!

FamilySearch CEO Steve Rockwood said it best: “This is just the opening weekend. This is the ribbon-cutting.”

Speakers and Classes

The keynote speakers for RootsTech Connect 2021 are from all over the globe, and each delivered inspirational keynote addresses in their native languages. You can learn more about RootsTech 2021 keynote speakers here.

March 04, 2021
Watch or listen to the incredible keynote speakers for the record-breaking RootsTech Connect conference. RootsTech is one of the largest gen…

In addition to the keynotes, hundreds of video classes are available on RootsTech Connect from experts worldwide. You’ll be able to dive in and learn about anything from DNA and research, to preserving family memories, to sharing your heritage. Ever want to learn about family traditions in Argentina? There will be content for that too, and much more! 

Don’t know where to start? Try the “Guide Me” feature on the webpage’s toolbar. This feature has created categorized lists for you to explore more easily. Or, just type what you want into the search bar and see what comes up!

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Whichever route you choose, make sure to save the classes you like by clicking the plus sign under the video. That way you can find them again later in “My Playlist” to watch later or watch again.

One major benefit to having RootsTech online is that it personalizes content for so many more people worldwide in their local language. Classes are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

What Else Can You Experience?

The Salt Lake City RootsTech events have had a huge showroom filled with vendors and products that can help you on your family history journey. At RootsTech Connect, you’ll have access to a virtual marketplace (Select Expo Hall in the menu) where you can find ground-breaking innovations and resources to help you in your research.

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How to Participate in RootsTech Connect

Participating in RootsTech is easier than ever with RootsTech Connect. All you need to do is sign in (it’s free)! Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy RootsTech year-round and share your favorite content with family and friends.

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