RootsTech 2016 Call For Presentations!

RootsTech Call for Papers

The RootsTech planning committee is calling for dynamic presentations for the RootsTech and Innovator Summit 2016 events, that will be held February 3–6, 2016. The purpose of these presentations is to inform, instruct, and inspire attendees to discover, preserve, and share their family history through technology.

If you have a desire to help define, shape, and influence the family history industry with an innovative and interesting presentation idea, we invite you to download the RootsTech and Innovator Summit Call For Presentation guidelines by clicking HERE. We encourage you to review all the information found in each of the guidelines before submitting.

Presentation submissions will be accepted from June 12 to June 30, 2015, through the Call For Presentations portal on

Presentation Categories

We are seeking presentation proposals for RootsTech and Innovator Summit 2016 events in the following categories:

RootsTech Categories:


  • Finding and Organizing: search strategies, resources, specialized tools and technologies, data mining, information recall, record sourcing, military and time-period research, record types
  • Research and Methodology: land records and surveys, DNA and genetic science, migration patterns, geographical research, ethnic and cultural studies, surname research, beyond-basic skills and resources


  • Preserving Your Work and Legacy: family trees, digital migration, audio and video solutions, metadata, artifact preservation, digital file formats, legalities and research ownership
  • Family Traditions and Lifestyle: cultural arts, food, influential historical events, social customs, pastimes


  • Sharing: social media, tools for collaboration, wikis, crowd sourcing, community building, blogs
  • Stories and Photos: storytelling and oral histories, interviewing tools and technologies, preserving stories, photography, photo restoration, movies and presentations, photo editing, facial recognition tools

Innovator Summit Categories:

  • Developer: standards and APIs; mobile app development; social applications; record imaging and visualizations; apps for youth; tools that enable family history and adjacent industries such as DNA, publishing, photography, data organization, and so on.

Business: funding and investment, start-up success stories and tips, opportunities and market trends, networking and partnerships, entrepreneurship.

About RootsTech and Innovator Summit

RootsTech is a global family history event where people of all ages learn to discover, preserve, and share their family connections trough technology. RootsTech offers something for everyone, regardless of experience or skill level—from expert genealogy researchers to beginners just starting their family trees.

Innovator Summit is a one-day conference event for developers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders offering the latest content and resources to inspire innovation, impact current and future technologies, and create opportunities within the family history and adjacent industries.

Do you know a great presenter?

Do you know someone who would be a great presenter for RootsTech or Innovator Summit 2016? If so, we invite you to share this email with him or her.

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