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Regular users of FamilySearch may notice something different when they log in: we’ve changed things up a bit.A new logged-in design makes your time on FamilySearch more about you. You’ll see a history of what you have done lately, you’ll find hints about your ancestors we may have found in historical records, and you’ll discover the latest photos and stories added by your relatives. The new design has been rolled out to most users, and all users should see it within the next few weeks.The page is split in two: the left side is focused on inspiration while the right side provides tools and insights into your family history journey. Let’s take a look at each section.


The left side of the new design helps you better understand your role in connecting your family’s generations. Check this section for inspirational videos, new tools, and an automatically updated feed that shows photos, stories, and documents about your ancestors that have recently been added by other users.


The right side of the new design focuses on the active part of your family history journey. Here you’ll find your latest recommended tasks, a history of recently visited ancestors, and a simple (and yet strangely fun) to-do list to help you keep track of what you want to accomplish with your family history.

Infographic: Take a Closer Look

This infographic provides an overview of the new design and features. Feel free to print it or share it with friends or family.

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Q&A: Ryan Parker, FamilySearch Homepage Product Manager

I checked in with Product Manager Ryan Parker to learn more about what went into the new design, and what some of the goals were of creating this new design.Q. What was the motivation behind making this change?A. We wanted to create an experience that was both engaging and effective at helping people contribute to their family history. We wanted to personalize the experience so that the FamilySearch home page was relevant to the individual users and contained content they cared about.Q. The page seems to be task oriented. Is that by design?A. Many times patrons aren’t sure what they should do next, or they don’t think they have enough time to do anything meaningful. We wanted to create small tasks that everyone could accomplish while deepening their understanding of their family history.Q. What do you hope people gain from the change?A. We hope patrons feel a connection to their ancestors as they discover new photos, stories, and historical documents about them. We hope patrons also find new ways to contribute to and gain greater confidence in their ability to begin or keep working on their family history.Q. What is your favorite new feature?A. I pretty much like it all! I love the personalized memories, particularly the photos and stories. I am always learning new things about my ancestors, and they become real to me as I read their stories and see their photos. Plus, I like seeing what others are contributing about my ancestors. I am so grateful for their efforts to add memories to the tree, and I like being able to comment on what is shared and to express my appreciation to the person who made the effort to share it with others through the tree.

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