New Changes for Serving Patrons in the Family History Library

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Within the Family History Library, we have made some recent changes. In order to serve a growing worldwide community, the expertise of our research consultants is now being shared with teams focused on providing enhanced patron services to family history centers throughout North America, Latin America and Internationally.

To meet these growing worldwide needs, resources have been reallocated. However, in order to continue providing patrons at the Family History Library with excellent service, research consultants who remain in the library have been relieved of other responsibilities so that they can focus their full time and attention to patrons.

In considering this new patron service model, we reviewed peak times at the library, and have staffed accordingly, offering expert research consultant counter help during peak hours. The staff change only effects 14 hours of the 60 hours we are open each week.  Also, during the 46 peak Library hours, more research consultant staff members are out helping patrons than ever before.  We have moved our consultants out from behind staff doors to assist at research counters and out on the patron floor.

To help supplement the staff, we are reaching out to the community and volunteers.  There is a common misconception that only research consultants can offer assistance.  Many of our missionaries and community volunteers are accredited and expert in their fields of research.  All of our 600 plus volunteer force donate their time and talents to assist our patrons in their research goals.  This change has only been in effect for two days, so we ask for your patience and understanding as we implement and refine the new patron service model.

The Family History Library is open more hours, provides more computers, printing options, and professional help than any other genealogical library, society, or archive in the world.  We remain committed to providing all of these services free of charge to patrons from all over the world.  If you are interested in becoming a Family History Library Volunteer, please contact the Family History Library at 801-240-6536.



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