More Updates to Family Tree

Family Tree has seen some more refinements in order to make specific features a little easier to use. Some of these updates include:

  • Add to Source Box Optional—Attach Panel Refinement
  • Rename & Attach an Unindexed Image
  • Display Record Type Selector on Mixed Vital Collections
  • Catalog See Also Places

Add to Source Box Optional - Attach Panel Refinement

When a user is attaching a record to a person on the Family Tree we currently add that source to their source box automatically as well. We will be giving the user the option to add it to the source box and that option will be off by default.

Also, the current Attach pop up confirmation dialog will be converted to a slide in panel which will display more data, and will be less likely to cover the record data to its left.

Rename & Attach an Un-indexed Image

Currently when a user is viewing an un-indexed image and chooses Add to Source Box, we simply pop up a dialog indicating they were successful. The name of the link in the Source Box is cryptic and obviously does not reflect the person on the record. In the future we will pop up a dialog letting the user do two new things. A) They can rename the un-indexed image source link B) we will let them use the history list and choose someone in the tree to directly attach the image to.

Display Record Type Selector on Mixed Vital Collections

If you are using the search form to search a single collection that contains multiple types of records (ie. Catholic Church Records, contain birth, marriage & death records) you will see the same record type selector that is present on the main search form. That selector will present only the types of records that are present in the collection, rather than all of the types currently displayed.

Catalog See Also Places

In the old catalog when a user landed on a place that did not have any titles, but a similar place does have titles (ex. New Amsterdam = 0 titles but New York does) the user would be directed to the proper place. We will be adding that to the new FamilySearch Catalog.





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