Making Family Connections Memorable

Stacy Julian

Have you ever thought of using your senses to record Family History? As you have family gatherings to learn about ancestors, make it an enjoyable experience. It is a unique idea to get your creative juices flowing and breathing life into all who have gone before us.

You might start by using sight to identify photos of ancestors. Make it a game! Pass a photo and ask if this person’s nose reminds you of someone you know, or guess the year of a car that a relative is standing by to identify the era the person lived. Making a picture collage to exhibit the life of an ancestor tells a story.

Invite your family to congregate and then proceed to play various sounds you have recorded to identify an ancestors occupation, place of residence, etc. An example might be listening to a fog horn. That might be a clue that the person lived by the sea. The sound of a train whistle may tell you the person worked for the railroad.

The sense of smell can be a fun way to identify a beloved relative. You may have a treasured cookie recipe that has been passed down from great aunt Bessie. Bake the cookies shortly before you gather your group so the aroma is evident in your home. Tell stories about Aunt Bessie and then have them enjoy her recipe.

You might blindfold your gathering and pass objects around to identify that would be hints about an ancestor’s life. Make Family History fun!

If you have a family fan chart, put a star on the ancestor as you do activities and stories to acquaint your family with this person.

Remember: Facts are recorded-Stories are remembered!

The following blog post is a recap of a RootsTech presentation given by Stacy Julian at the recent RootsTech 2016 conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah.