It’s Not a Race, It’s a Journey: 5 Ways Logging In Can Help You


We have the opportunity to help “turn hearts” as we help others find and connect with their ancestors. Find out why logging in helps so much in your family history journey.

Our lives are filled with agendas and tasks and while they can be very resourceful tools in helping us to accomplish many things, at times they can affect our ability to truly experience and enjoy life. This is just as true when it comes to family history. Family history is not a task to be checked off, but rather a journey where we can enjoy exploring and strengthening past and present family ties without the pressure of deadlines or check boxes. Instead of worrying about racing to a finish line, log in and let the journey begin!

The following are ways that logging in helps you to come closer to your family:

See more records and find more family!

When you log into FamilySearch, a whole new world of records opens up to you that otherwise isn’t available. As you search through more records you have a much larger chance of success in finding an ancestor’s record and during the process of looking you will begin to experience a turning of the heart and will feel an increase of love for the ones you search for.

See your tree and see where you fit in!

Logging in is the only way that you can see your very own family tree. Seeing your tree will allow you to see all of your present and past family members and is an opportunity to see how you’re all connected. This is always a special experience as you journey through your family history work.

Add to the tree and learn more about ancestors!

In addition to being able to see the tree, logging in allows you to add to and update the tree as well. This is especially important because as you contribute to the tree in any way, big or small, you will notice the bonds between you and your ancestors growing stronger as you learn more about them and their lives.

Use more tools and come closer together!

Another benefit of logging into FamilySearch is the availability of a wide variety of tools. For example, only when you log in are you allowed to add a photo or upload a story. There’s no better way to connect with your ancestors than to see them again and remember a story from their life. You can also add sources, add to the Wiki, and contribute to other discussions.

Get automatic updates and inspiration!

Finally, logging in allows you to receive automatic updates. These updates will inform you of when something new has happened in your tree, whether that be the addition of a new photo or ancestor. Then you can go and experience the benefits of what someone else’s journey has brought to you as you go along on your own adventure.

These are some of the ways logging in will help you in your lifelong journey of coming closer to family, so don’t worry so much about finish lines and let the journey begin!

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