Fold3: Your First Source for Military Records


If you’re searching for information about a relative who served in the United States armed forces, Fold3 is the place for you to begin. This site, owned by, provides convenient access to military records ̶ including stories, photos, and personal documents ̶of men and women who served in defense of their country and to maintain peace throughout the world.

The name Fold3 refers to the traditional flag folding ceremony that takes place at the burial of a veteran.

Fold3’s original records help you discover details about the soldiers of every American conflict. The site has created millions of memorial pages from US military data to help you find and commemorate your loved ones. Additionally, you can combine records found on the site with photos and stories you have in your own albums and shoeboxes to create an online memorial for those who served.

Particularly meaningful is the opportunity to make a Memorial Page for your loved ones on Fold3’s Honor Wall. You can create, expand or update as many Memorial Pages as you’d like to celebrate and remember your veteran relatives and ancestors and share their stories with family and friends.

Through November, Fold3 is offering free access to World War II records, so it’s the perfect time to research, contribute to, and find answers on the site.


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