FamilySearch Mobile Apps

Screenshot of the free family tree mobile app from FamilySearch.

Family Tree App

  • Build your family tree on-the go.
  • Use record hints to learn more about your family.
  • See how you are related to other FamilySearch users.
  • Discover more about yourself and your family with fun activities.

Download the Family Tree App:

Screenshot of FamilySearch Memories mobile app for uploading photos.

Memories App

  • Record family events and important memories.
  • Save family photos and add them to people on your family tree.
  • Gather recipes, journals, and family records all in one place.
  • Add audio to your photos.

Download the Memories App:

Screenshot of the Get Involved app on Android, reviewing names from historical records.

Get Involved App

  • Help people around the world discover their families.
  • Review names from old documents, like birth certificates and census records.
  • Help make sure the computer indexed the names correctly.

Download the Get Involved App:

    How to Access the Apps

    The FamilySearch Family Tree, Memories, and Get Involved apps are available for download on multiple platforms.

    Extra Features

    When you only have a few minutes to spare, the Family Tree, Memories, and Get Involved apps are amazing tools for participating in family history. You could be sitting in the doctor’s office or waiting for dinner to bake! With just your phone or mobile device, you can make a difference.

    The FamilySearch apps also have some extra features that can be fun to do with a youth group or to gain more familiarity with your ancestors. Learn more about some of these tools and how to use them here:

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