Completing Tasks on the FamilySearch Tree Mobile App


There’s a reason family history is so important—taking some time out of each day to turn your heart to your ancestors can enrich your life, establish your identity, and strengthen your family. Thanks to new and constantly advancing technologies that are available today, it has become easier than ever to integrate family history moments into your daily life in simple, rewarding ways.

The FamilySearch Tree mobile app is a great way to do your family history, no matter where you are or how busy your schedule is. Even if you have only a few minutes to spare in your day, you can use that time to do quick and easy tasks to discover your ancestors and add to your family tree.

What Are Tasks?

Tasks show potential work to be done in your family tree. Your suggested available tasks are indicated by a blue record hint icon, which means that FamilySearch has found a birth, death, or other record that may have your ancestor listed in it. Because FamilySearch uses a public tree that anyone can add to or edit, attaching these records helps to prove your ancestors’ life events and dates. Reviewing and attaching records to your tree can help you verify your ancestors’ vital information, find family members that may not have been added to your tree yet, and input important details that can then help FamilySearch identify more potential matches in indexed records.

Completing Tasks in the FamilySearch App

Now that you understand what tasks are and how they can help you in your family history efforts, it’s time to get started! There are three ways to find tasks in the FamilySearch mobile app:

  1. . These icons will appear next to your ancestor’s photo if there are available tasks for that person. Tap the blue icon to see all the possible records your ancestor has been found in.Watch this video to learn more about record hints on the app and how to use them:

    Download: Small (360p) | Medium (720p)

  2. Ancestors with Tasks. This feature will allow you to see a list of your ancestors who have available tasks. The list includes tasks for people you recently viewed, your first five generations, and any part of your pedigree you’ve expanded.
    • Apple: Select the Tasks icon from the main toolbar.
    • Android: Select Ancestors with Tasks from the app menu.

    Tip: To get even more available tasks in this list, select the Information icon in the top right corner of the screen, and then tap Expand Ancestors with Tasks. This will allow you to see tasks for the parents, spouses, and children of each person you visit.

  1. Descendants with Tasks. From an ancestor’s person page, select the menu with three dots from the top right corner. Then tap Descendants with Tasks. This will load a page that lists all potential record matches for that person’s descendants. You can expand your results by using the drop-down menu to display three, four, or five generations of descendants.Tip: This feature works best with people who were born in or before the 1830s.

How to Review and Attach Records

Once you select a blue record hint icon from one of the three places listed above, you’ll see a screen that shows all available record hints for that person.

To attach a record to your ancestor’s FamilySearch profile, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a record hint from the list, and then tap Review to get more details and make sure that it is a good match for your ancestor.
  2. Compare the information from the record (left column) to your ancestor’s information (right column) and make sure everything looks correct. If there are multiple people listed on the record, tap the paper clip icon to expand and verify details for each individual.
  1. Add any new information from the record by tapping the + symbol. (This could include dates, places, or family members not yet listed in your tree.)
  2. If you decide that the record is a match, explain how you reached that conclusion under “Reason to Attach Source,” and then tap Attach to add it to your ancestor’s profile.
  3. If the information from the record doesn’t match your ancestor’s profile, select Not a Match to dismiss the record and continue reviewing other record hints.

Completing tasks is an easy way to connect with your ancestors and fill in your family tree. And remember, the more records you attach to your tree, the more record hints FamilySearch will be able to find for you. So the next time you have a minute to spare, grab your phone and find out what records are waiting to be added to your tree—you’ll be amazed by the difference you can make in just a short amount of time.

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