Clean up Your Grimy Old Photos

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Have you ever gone through your old stuff and found some old dirty damaged pictures you forgot you had? Now, there is help for that problem.

Denise May Levenick offers detailed instructions on how to reclaim your family photos from the damages of poor storage, frames, or albums. Levenick teaches preservation techniques for your old, damaged photos.

Levenick is a lecturer and blogger who can help you recover and preserve priceless family photographs. According to Levenick, the starting point for this process is: do no harm. Know what you are doing before you start.

Next, make sure what you have is preserved by making a digital image of the picture you are going to work on. That way, if all else fails, you still have a record of the original image.

Levenick advises you to handle your old photos as little as possible. Use your digital camera or your smart phone to make the digital photo, using a tripod, a remote shutter or timer, and no flash. You can also use a flatbed scanner. If you don’t have a scanner of your own you can use some excellent quality scanners for free at you a Family History Centers throughout the world. You can find a Family History Center closest to you by visiting the FamilySearch.

There are many reasons pictures suffer damage, according to Levenick. So-called magnetic albums used materials that were not acid free and accelerate deterioration. Photos got rolled or curled. Improper framing can cause stained or damaged photos.

Photos that may appear hopelessly damaged may be recovered using hints from Levenick’s blog page, Dirty Family Photos: Save Your Pictures from Ruin. Levenick also provides suggestions for tools and materials for repairing a range of damages to your family photos.

Rather than risking damage to your posthumous reputation when future generations look through your old damaged pictures, get some good advice on how to restore and protect them at Those old photos may not be replaceable but they can be revived.


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