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Mom and two girls cooking. Connecting through food.

Who doesn’t love food? For many of us, food is much more than simply nourishment. It is something that we can share with one another that allows us to create memories and traditions. Even across different cultures, preparing and eating food is something special. Anywhere you might travel, people agree that food is one way to express feelings, create memories, and connect with others.

How do you like to connect with others through food? At RootsTech, we are choosing to create connection—with people, with cherished recipes from around the world, and much more. RootsTech is the world's largest family history and genealogy conference and is available year long. Read these inspiring examples and join us at RootsTech to celebrate and learn about connection.

Family eating the Reina cake.

Food Traditions Across Distances

I grew up in Spain, and in my family, for every birthday, we prepare the Reina cake. It is a cake my great-grandmother made for birthdays, and since then, it has been the official birthday cake in my family (which is why we call it Reina cake, after our last name).

As my family is now scattered across different countries and continents, we rarely get to spend our birthdays together as a family. Still, we always join through video conference to sing "Happy Birthday" and blow out the candles of the Reina cake. Although we are thousands of miles apart, knowing that we are all preparing the same cake and continuing that tradition helps me feel connected with my family.

Holiday Connections

Steve Rockwood, the CEO of FamilySearch International, has a similar experience. He told us the following: “Every Christmas growing up, my mom would make my grandmother’s famous rocky road fudge. We all loved it and still enjoy it every year when the holiday season rolls back around.

Every bite is a throwback to simpler times and treasured family moments. We still look forward to gathering as a family every Christmas and enjoying a delicious piece of Grandma’s rocky road fudge while reflecting on the many wonderful memories we’ve shared.”

Man passing food to his family at a table.

Learning about a Person through Food Connections

Flavia Scalzitti, an Italian food blogger, has also expressed her feelings about sharing food with others. She says: “When I talk to people about food, I find out so much more than ingredients and recipes. I learn about traditions, cultural differences, similarities, and relationships, and I start to hear stories that give me a glimpse into people's lives. The same thing happens when people ask me about food: I give them a glimpse into my life and my Italian heritage through my stories and experiences with food. There is almost always a story tied to food, and it is the stories that connect us.”

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