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The Worldwide Indexing Event is swiftly approaching. Are you ready? People from all over the world are invited to join in the event this weekend to help make history while also making someone’s family history research easier. Indexing takes ordinary images of genealogy records and makes them extraordinary by making them keyword searchable.

Here are some questions and answers to help you plan for the event, which will be held July 15–17, 2016:

Do I Need to Download New Software?

You’ll see lots of invitations to download and install the indexing software, but If you have downloaded and installed the software recently, there is no need to do it again just for the event. However, a recent update is giving some users on certain operating systems problems that can be solved by manually uninstalling the program and downloading and installing again it from the indexing website.

If you are hosting an indexing event, you may want to arrange for a technology specialist to be available should you run into problems with computers or the internet connection, or to help attendees who have not yet downloaded the indexing software.

What If I Am Having Problems?

If you are having problems with the indexing software, you can access informative help guides on the indexing website. These guides cover the basics and will help you overcome any initial issues as you get up to speed on indexing. We’ve compiled a blog post with some of the most common issues our support folks help people with. You can also contact our support team on the phone at 1-866-406-1830. Be aware that wait times are extended during the Worldwide Indexing Event.

If you are having problems with internet connectivity or a computer, please work with your local technology specialist.

Do I Have to Index a Special Batch to Be Counted?

No. There will be a number of new collections made available for indexing in the days leading up to the event. During the event, choose a collection that looks interesting, and index away. Everyone who completes and submits at least one batch during the three-day event will count toward the goal of 72,000 indexers.

What Do I Do Once I Have Indexed My Batch?

As an experienced indexer, you are the perfect person to show your friends and family how easy indexing can be. Sit down with someone, and show them how to download the indexing software and start indexing. You can even show more distant friends and family how to get started over Skype or Google Hangouts.

How Can I Get Others Involved?

Sometimes simply mentioning the indexing isn’t enough. If you want to show your friends or family what indexing is all about, you can share the link to this special event's website. You can also invite others to participate via facebook, twitter, or email:


We hope these questions and answers help get you ready to take part in this historic indexing event. Your participation will undoubtedly make a huge difference for so many. Read more about the event, including some first-hand accounts of how indexing has led to significant family history breakthroughs.

More information and up-to-date news on the event is available on the Facebook page for the Worldwide Indexing Event.


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