April 25 Is DNA Day!

Scientist working with plants in the laboratory, looking at DNA and chemical makeup.

Happy DNA Day! Many of you are very excited by the idea of celebrating and learning more about your DNA. Others might be thinking, “DNA Day? How do we celebrate DNA Day?” For those who have never heard about this holiday and are unsure why we celebrate it, National DNA Day was initially held to celebrate the Human Genome Project but has since become a global movement to innovate, collaborate and discover more about DNA. It is also a day to celebrate our shared humanity and connection to the natural world!

If you are intrigued by DNA and want to learn how this powerful discovery can help you in your daily life, please enjoy these videos from the virtual RootsTech genealogy conference. DNA research is revolutionary for the genealogy field, and genealogy-related DNA research has driven lots of new innovations that can benefit you personally. Watch these classes to learn the what and why of DNA, what DNA test kits are out there, how to find your family with DNA, and more!

Join us as we discuss the science behind DNA, how it recombines and is inherited, and why a test might be helpful in answering some of your genealogy research questions.
Be your own "Search Angel" and learn how to use your DNA test results to identify close family members—even if close family members have not been tested.
Do you have a DNA brick wall and need ideas on how to bust it? This video will cover ways to overcome those walls for genetic genealogy research success.
DNA ethnicity results are based on three factors: reference populations, fancy math, and timing. Understanding this can take you a long way towards using your ethnicity results in your family history.
DNA can be a fantastic tool for solving genealogical problems. Learn which tests to use, the best steps to take, and other advice for DNA problem solving from The Genealogy Center's in-house DNA expert.
When faced with the option of three test types (Y-DNA, mtDNA, or autosomal DNA), many people wonder which is best for them. We'll look at the types of at-home DNA tests that are available and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

These are only a few of the many DNA videos available! At RootsTech, we have hundreds of classes ready for you with great topics and the latest updates and innovations to connect you to your family. If you want to learn more about DNA or any other family history topics, take a look at what we have for you at Rootstech.org.

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