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Continuing education is key for professional genealogists and those inspired to advance their skills in family history. Learning is a life-long journey, though sometimes, jobs, family, finances, and other responsibilities make going to conferences difficult. RootsTech provides over 1,500 free online classes for genealogy and family history professionals and enthusiasts, from past and current RootsTech conferences. Courses include genealogy classes at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Anyone can access these classes from their home, anywhere in the world!

How to Find Classes on

To enjoy the full experience at the RootsTech website, be sure to sign in. If you haven’t already created a free account, you can do that here. Signing in allows you to save classes to a playlist so you can keep track of sessions you most want to watch.

Whether or not you've chosen to sign in, click On Demand on the main menu to find class sessions. There you can search by topic such as “methodology” or “DNA.” You can also filter by research location, content type, speaker, or even language.

Take a look at some of our favorite advanced classes about family history below for a sample of what's available.

Advanced Genealogy Classes

Experience finding unexpected information in church records in Protestant Europe.
Poverty and illness are just two reasons your ancestors may have been living on the margins of society. Learn about the records kept by Overseers of the Poor, the Poorhouse, and Poor Farms.
Are you making the most of Google for genealogy? Learn how Google tools and components can make a world of difference in your search results.
Learn how to download your DNA match lists with DNAGedcom Client.
Learn how to use the intermediate and advanced tools at HAPI-DNA to better understand genetic relationships.
Enjoy the latest innovative technology for family history and genealogy such as software, apps, tools, and more!

As you see, RootsTech has an amazing library of family history content that can be very useful. Don't forget to subscribe to receive updates about fantastic classes and much more!

What is RootsTech?

RootsTech is a place to learn, be inspired, and make connections through family history. Hosted by FamilySearch and sponsored by other leading genealogy organizations, we have hundreds of expert classes, tips and tricks videos, and inspiring stories that can help you experience family history like never before. Visit our on-demand learning library or make plans to join us for our next virtual or in-person conference event.

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