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For years, FamilySearch has helped you preserve family memories by allowing you to upload photos and attach them to your family tree. Now you can take another step in preserving memories by adding audio recordings to the pictures you upload to

Record the Stories around Your Photos

Add audio to picture on FamilySearch app

Behind every photo is a story. Now you can record that story as you preserve photos of your family. For example, do you have a photo of your grandparents on their wedding day? You can gather stories about their wedding and add audio of those cherished memories to their wedding photo when you upload it to Or, at your next family reunion, you can snap a photo and record a moment of the family fun to go with it!

Adding Audio to a Picture on

You can add audio to photos you upload on both the website  and the FamilySearch apps. Website

On, first go to your family photos by clicking the Memories tab at the top of the FamilySearch screen. Or, in the Family Tree, you can click an ancestor’s name and go to the person’s details page. Then choose Memories to see photos for that particular family member.

Next, add a new photo or click on one you want to add audio to. (You will only be able to add audio to those photos you have uploaded to You will notice a microphone below the photo with the words Record a Memory. After you click the words, an audio recording screen will appear.Click the blue microphone to start talking, and record up to five minutes for that photo.

Adding audio to picture on
Recording audio button on

Note:Photos and audio attached to deceased ancestors can be viewed by other users on the FamilySearch Family Tree. To protect privacy, photos and audio attached to living people can be seen only by the person who added the memory unless that person shares the memory or album with another user.

FamilySearch Apps

Adding audio on the apps works in a similar way. From the Family Tree app, tap on a person of interest, and then choose the Memories tab to add a new photo or see photos already added to the person’s profile. When you are ready to add audio, tap the photo. A small microphone will appear above or below the photo. Tapping the microphone will bring up a screen that says Record audio about this photo. Just as on the website, you can record up to five minutes of audio.

Similarly, from the Memories app, click a photo of interest, and go through the same process. If the photo is attached to a person in the Family Tree, changes made to the photo will automatically be updated in the FamilySearch Family Tree.

Add audio to picture on FamilySearch Memories app.
Recording audio button on FamilySearch Memories app.

Now you are ready to start adding audio to your photos! Head over to, or pull up the Family Tree or Memories app on your phone. Find one of your family photos—or upload a new one—and record a story to go with it. With these new tools, it is easier than ever to preserve your family moments as more than names and dates—and to share your memories with your family.

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