#52Stories Weekly Questions

Weekly questions for writing a personal history

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Goals & Achievements

What goals do you hope to achieve this year?
What is something you taught yourself to do without help from anyone else?
What goals are you actively working toward right now?
What would you want your friends and family to learn about making and achieving goals from your example?
What will be the greatest achievement of your life?

Love & Friendship

Do you know the story of how your grandparents met and fell in love?
What have been the most important and valued friendships in your life?
Who was your first best friend? Are you still in contact with each other?
What qualitites in friends do you most admire?

Goals & Achievements

What were your favorite hobbies and pastimes in your childhood?
Do you like to dabble in lots of different hobbies? If so, what are they?
What hobbies, interests, and talents do you have in common with your parents, grandparents, and other ancestors?
Who taught you how to work? What would you want your children and grandchildren to learn from your example?
What are some of your greatest career achievements so far?

Home & Hearth

What was your childhood home like?
What kinds of things did you collect and display in your childhood bedroom?
How many different homes or apartments have you lived in throughout your life?
What do you love most about where you live now?
What are the barest essentials you would need to make any place a home?

Mothers & Motherhood

How has your mother or being a mother enriched your life?
What lessons have you learned from your grandmothers’ life experiences?
What are some of the stories you loved hearing from your mother’s youth? From your grandmothers’ younger days?
What is the best thing about your relationship with your mother or grandmother?
Who are some important mother figures besides your own mother who have been influential in your life?

Fathers & Fatherhood

What did you enjoy doing with your father when you were a child?
What life lessons have you learned from your father?
What are some of the stories you loved hearing from your father’s youth? From your grandfathers’ younger days?
What are some of the signature phrases, quotes, or sayings that remind you of your dad? Of your grandfathers?
Who are some important father figures besides your own father who have been influential in your life?

Events & Milestones

What do you know about the day you were born?
What were the biggest momentous events in your life and how have they changed you as a person?
What decisions have you made that have had a long-lasting positive effect on your life?
How does your family celebrate significant milestones?
What events and milestones are you still anticipating and looking forward to?

Travels & Vacations

What were your most common childhood vacations like—road trips, visits to grandma’s house, camping trips, weekends at the lake or the beach?
Do you have one special vacation spot that you return to again and again?  What do you love about it?
What are all the different modes of transport you’ve used?
What are the most memorable meals or exotic foods you’ve tried on any of your travels?
What destinations are on your vacation wish list?

Education & School

Who was your most beloved teacher? Why?
What are your memories of school lunch?
What subjects did you excel at in school? Which were hardest for you?
What extracurricular activities did you get involved in?
What valuable lessons have you learned from school that have helped you in your life?

Values & Beliefs

If you had to pinpoint three main values that your parents lived by and tried to instill in you, what would they be?
What personal values do you hold most dear?
What values do you feel are most important to pass down to posterity?
What were the faith and religious traditions of your ancestors?

Causes & Convictions

What motto or creed do you live by?
In what ways do you sacrifice your time to volunteer in your community?
How has your life been enriched by your commitment to causes?
Is there someone in your life who has inspired you to care more about community and global issues?
How has your commitment to make the world a better place evolved throughout your life?

Holidays & Traditions

What were some of your favorite holiday traditions in childhood?
Which were your top three favorite holidays when you were a child? Why?
Which of your childhood holiday traditions have you continued into adulthood?
What are the most memorable and treasured gifts you have received in your life?
What different occasions do you celebrate each year?


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