Strategic Research Log for Ireland

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FamilySearch provides Research Guidance for many countries, with prioritized birth, marriage, and death sources listed for major time periods. In the case of Ireland, two periods are listed: 1619 to 1863, and 1864 to Present. The following table applies these search strategies to a common research log format, but it adds the prioritized sources, listed in small tables that can be expanded. Because of limitations on image size here in FamilySearch Wiki, I have shown only the first of such small tables. A list of the contents of the other tables then follows, one list for each of the time periods.

Note that the key is the prioritized sources, which can help significantly in reminding a researcher of sources that needed to be checked for each research project. You may want to create these tables for yourself in a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, where you can add rows and expand them. The rows can then be sorted within each table by name, date, or whatever will help in the research process. (David Earl Perry, 2008)

Ireland, Strategic Research Log

List of Irish sources, 1619-1863

List of prioritized Irish sources, 1864-Present