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Major Repositories with Wiki Articles[edit | edit source]

Library and Archives Canada · Salle Gagnon · Eastern Townships Research Centre · Centre d'archives de Québec et de Chaudière-Appalaches · American-Canadian Genealogical Society ·

Archives and Libraries[edit | edit source]

The following archives and libraries have collections or services helpful to genealogical researchers:

Library and Archives Canada[edit | edit source]

Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa ON CANADA K1A 0N3
Telephone: 613-996-7458

When the Dominion of Canada was created in 1867, the old Province of Canada was split into two parts—the provinces of Québec and Ontario. The National Archives of Canada has many records for the Province of Canada (1841–1867) and its parent provinces—Lower Canada and Upper Canada. These include censuses and land records.
The National Library of Canada is located in the same building as the headquarters of the National Archives of Canada. Many useful books for researching Québec families are located in the National Library.
Some records at the National Archives of Canada are not available at the Family History Library. Microfilm copies of those records can be borrowed from the public and college libraries in Canada and the United States that participate in interlibrary loan.

Salle Gagnon Bibliothèque de la Ville de Montréal[edit | edit source]

Salle Gagnon Bibliothèque de la Ville de Montréal
Street Address: 1210 rue Sherbrooke est
Mail Address: Bureau 400, rue d'Iberville
Montréal QC CANADA H2G 3E4
Telephone: 514-872-5579

The Salle Gagnon is the genealogical room at the City Library of Montréal. It has one of the largest collections in North America of French Canadian genealogical material, both books and microfilm. A brief overview of the collection is:
  • Schroder, Gary. The Montreal Municipal Library `Salle Gagnon.'Connections 18, number 4 (June 1966): 5–7.

Eastern Townships Research Centre[edit | edit source]

Eastern Townships Research Centre
Bishop's University
Lennoxville QC CANADA J1M 1Z7
Telephone: 819-822-9606
Fax: 819-822-9644

A major collection of records dealing with the Anglo-Protestant settlement of the Eastern Townships is at:

Quebec National Archives Branches[edit | edit source]

Most original records for the Province of Québec before 1900 are at the nine branches of the Archives Nationales du Québec listed below. Although microfilm copies of some records are held by all branches, there is no one central repository. Each specializes in a region. Only some of the counties included in each branch are listed below.

Regional boundaries do not match county boundaries exactly. Contact the branch nearest the place where your ancestor lived. If you write, ask them to forward your letter if necessary. General questions about the Archives Nationales du Québec should be addressed to the branch in Sainte-Foy.

Centre d'archives de Québec et de Chaudière-Appalaches[edit | edit source]

Centre d'archives de Québec et de Chaudière-Appalaches
1210 Avenue du Séminaire
C.P. 10450
Sainte-Foy QC CANADA G1V 4N1
Telephone: 418-643-8904
Fax: 418-646-0868

Includes the east central counties of Beauce, Bellechasse, Charlevoix, Kamouraska, Lévis, L'Islet, Lotbinière, Montmagny, Montmorency, Portneuf, Québec, Rivière-du-Loup, and parts of others.

Centre d'archives de Montréal, de Laval, de Lanaudière, des Laurentides et de la Montérégie[edit | edit source]

Centre d'archives de Montréal, de Laval, de Lanaudière, des Laurentides et de la Montérégie
1945 rue Mullins
Montréal QC CANADA H3K 1N9
Telephone: 514-873-3065
Fax: 514-873-2980

Includes the island of Montréal and the west central counties of Argenteuil, Bagot, Beauharnois, Berthier, Chambly, Chateauguay, Deux-Montagnes, Huntingdon, Iberville, Joliette, Labelle, Laprairie, L'Assomption, Napierville, Richelieu, Rouville, Saint-Hyacinthe, Soulanges, Terrebonne, Vaudreuil, Verchères, Yamaska, and parts of others.

Centre d'archives du Bas St-Laurent et de la Gaspésie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine[edit | edit source]

Centre d'archives du Bas St-Laurent et de la Gaspésie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine
337 rue Moreault
Rimouski QC CANADA G5L 1P4
Telephone: 418-727-3500
Fax: 418-727-3824

Includes Rimouski County and eastward.

Centre d'archives du Saguenay-Lac St-Jean[edit | edit source]

Centre d'archives du Saguenay-Lac St-Jean
930 rue Jacques-Cartier est, local
Chicoutimi QC CANADA G7H 2A9
Telephone: 418-698-3516
Fax: 418-698-3522

Includes the counties of Chicoutimi and Lac St-Jean.

Centre d'archives de la Mauricie-Bois-Francs[edit | edit source]

Centre d'archives de la Mauricie-Bois-Francs
225 rue des Forges, bureau 208
Trois-Rivières QC CANADA G9A 2G7
Telephone: 819-371-6015
Fax: 819-371-6999

Includes the counties of Arthabaska, Champlain, Drummond, Nicolet, Saint-Maurice, and Trois-Rivières.

Centre d'archives de l'Estrie[edit | edit source]

Centre d'archives de l'Estrie
740 rue Galt ouest
Sherbrooke QC CANADA J1H 1Z3
Telephone: 819-820-3010
Fax: 819-820-3930

Includes the Eastern Townships area around Sherbrooke and Granby, and the counties of Brome, Compton, Frontenac, Missisquoi, Richmond, Shefford, Sherbrooke, Stanstead.

Centre d'archives de l'Outaouais[edit | edit source]

Centre d'archives de l'Outaouais
170 rue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville
Telephone: 819-772-3010
Fax: 819-772-3950

Includes the counties of Gatineau, Hull, Papineau, Pontiac, and more.

Centre d'archives de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue et du Nord-du-Québec[edit | edit source]

Centre d'archives de l'Abitibi- Témiscamingue et du Nord-du-Québec
27 rue du Terminus ouest
Rouyn-Noranda QC CANADA J9X 2P3
Telephone: 819-762-4484
Fax: 819-764-6480

Includes the counties of Abitibi and Témiscamingue and the area northward.

Centre d'archives de la Côte-Nord[edit | edit source]

Centre d'archives de la Côte-Nord
700 boulevard Laure, bureau 190
Sept-Iles QC CANADA G4R 1Y1
Telephone: 418-962-3434
Fax: 418-962-6500

Includes Saguenay County.

FamilySearch Affiliated Libraries[edit | edit source]

Beaconsfield Library
303 Beaconsfield Boulevard

Quebec Family History Society
173 Cartier Ave

Jewish Public Library
5151 Cote Ste-Catherine Road

Other Archives and Libraries[edit | edit source]

Organizations listed in Quebec Societies have their own libraries. Major church archives are discussed in the Church Records Wiki pages. Some of the sources you will want to use are also available in other major archives and libraries in Canada and in the United States Genealogy.

Quebec Online Records[edit | edit source]

Links to online databases and indexes that may include vital records, biographies, cemeteries, censuses, histories, immigration records, land records, maps, military records, naturalizations, newspapers, obituaries, or probate records.

Computer Networks and Bulletin Boards[edit | edit source]

Computers with modems are important tools for obtaining information from selected archives and libraries. In a way, computer networks themselves serve as a library. The Internet, certain computer bulletin boards, and commercial on-line services help family history researchers:

  • Locate other researchers.
  • Post queries.
  • Send and receive E-mail.
  • Search large databases.
  • Search computer libraries.
  • Join in computer chat and lecture sessions.

You can find computerized research tips and information about ancestors from Québec in a variety of sources at local, provincial, national, and international levels. The list of sources is growing rapidly. Most of the information is available at no cost. Addresses on the Internet change frequently. As of September 1997, the following sites are important gateways linking you to many more network and bulletin board sites:

Québec GenWeb Project[edit | edit source]

A cooperative effort by many volunteers to list genealogical databases, libraries, bulletin boards, and other resources available on the Internet for each county, province, and country.

Roots-L[edit | edit source]

A useful list of sites and resources. Includes a large, regularly updated research coordination list.

To get started with computer network research regarding Québec, contact the following:

Eastern Townships of Québec Research[edit | edit source]

Historical society addresses and census and cemetery records, and other links.

FamilySearch™[edit | edit source]

The Family History Library and some Family History Centers have computers with FamilySearch™. FamilySearch is a collection of computer files containing several million names. FamilySearch is a good place to begin your research. Some of the records come from compiled sources; some have been automated from original sources.