IGI Batch Numbers for Latin American Countries

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What this website contains[edit | edit source]

HISPAGEN (Asociación de Genealogía Hispana) led (and continues to lead) a volunteer project that provided an easy way for anyone to submit to them IGI batch numbers. IGI batch numbers were created by the FamilySearch extraction program to help organize extraction efforts. Each batch contains baptisms or marriages that took place in a specific parish and during a specific time period.

The website contains many batch numbers for the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Uruguay

Before using the website[edit | edit source]

Before using the Hispagen site you should at least know the following information:

  • The town where your ancestor(s) were born or married
  • An approximate date of your ancestor's birth or marriage

Before performing a search in the IGI database you will need to know the following additional pieces of information.

  • First and last name of the person for which you are searching
  • First and last name(s) of the ancestor’s parents

How to use the website[edit | edit source]

The Hispagen website contains other information besides the IGI batch number database for Spain and Latin American countries. To find the IGI batch number database follow these steps:

  • click on: “Batch Numbers” parroquias españoles y americanas
  • click on: America
  • select the country where you are researching
  • select the province/region/department in which the town your ancestors lived in resided
  • click on the letter of the alphabet for the first letter in the town name
  • select the town desired
  • browse through the entries to find your ancestral town.
  • copy the batch number

Record Sample[edit | edit source]

1.jpg Hispagen image sample

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The IGI database contains patron submissions, and extractions of baptism and marriages
  • If you do not find your ancestor in the IGI, try searching the Vital Records Index
  • If you don’t find the town where your ancestor was born or married on http://www.hispagen.es try searching the IGI anyway. The site does not contain an all inclusive database of batch numbers.
  • Check back regularly, there are new submissions (both patron submitted and extractions on a daily basis)

Next steps[edit | edit source]

The next step is to search the IGI database. Follow these steps to search the IGI:

  • go to http://www.familysearch.org
  • click on the ‘Search’ tab
  • click on the ‘International Genealogical Index’ database
  • enter the know information about your ancestor
  • select a region (South America, Mexico, or Central America)
  • enter the batch number obtained from http://www.hispagen.es
  • click Search
  • examine the search results