Howland and Hutchinson descendant charts

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These 2 charts are found on the walls at the Family History Library and FamilySearch center. They include ancestral lines of famous people.

Anne Hutchinson chart[edit | edit source]

Hutchinson pedigree.jpg

The Anne Hutchinson chart is located on the wall of the main floor at the Family History Library. It shows many of her well known descendants. Included among her descendants are:

  • George W. Bush
  • Mitt Romney
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Oliver Wendall Holmes, Jr.
  • and others

John Howland chart[edit | edit source]

The John Howland chart is located on the wall across from the FamilySearch center in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. This chart shows many of the descendants of John Howland, of the Mayflower, including:

  • Joseph Ira Earl
  • Sir Winston Churchill
  • Joseph Smith Jr.
  • Emma Hale
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • George Walker Bush
  • Richard Milhous Nixon
  • Gerald R. Ford
  • File:Howland Chart.pdf (Click to view chart.)