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Williamson Co., Illinois, cemetery records

Helen Lind
Lind, Helen Sutt (Main Author)
Manuscript/Manuscript on Film
Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1974
on 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.


Microreproduction of original ms.

Includes some partial transcripts.

Williamson County cemeteries include: Harris (sec. 15, Lake Creek Twp.), Stilley? (sec. 11, Lake creek), single headstone - Jeatherstone Doty, son of W. G. and E. J. Doty, d. 8/29/1877 (sec. 32, Lake twp.), White Ash (Sec 31, Lake Creek Twp.), Harmony Free Will Baptist (on Williamson - Franklin Co Road, Franklin Co.), Catholic cemetery at Spillertown (sec. 6, East Marion Twp.), Graves - Rex ? - on Amos Taylor farm (sec. 6, East Marion Twp.), single headstone - Mary E. Reed d. 1/11/1897 and David Reed d. 4/2/1888 (on farm near Stroud cemetery), Reed cemetery (also near Stroud cemetery), Stroud cemetery (in Strip pits w. of White Ash, West Marion Twp.), Hart graves - H. Hart d. 2/19/1906 and Martha Hart d. 2/24/1902 (near Highway 57 overpass at Steritz, Herrin Twp.), Spiller (in Strip pits, n.w. of Marion), Henshaw (sec. 14, Stonefort Twp.), Evetts (on old Evetts home place, near Stonefort, Stonefort Twp.), Williams Pra[i]rie (sec. 11, Lake Creek Twp.), Duncan (near Stiritz, Herrin Twp.), Stilley (sec. 11, Lake Creek Twp.), Murphy (sec. 15, Lake Creek Twp.), unnamed cemetery (n.e. of Pittsburg, Lake Creek Twp.), Fallis (n. of Stiritz, Herrin Twp.), Huck [sic] - [Hock] (sec. 17, Lake Creek Twp.), Norman (sec. 8 & 5, East Marion Twp.), Spitznall farm cemetery (sec. 8, East Marion Twp.), Cross Roads (sec. 9, East Marion Twp.), Baier [sic], (sec. 17, Lake Creek Twp.), Hunter (on Henry Miller farm, sec. 30, Lake Creek Twp.), Liberty Meth[odist] Church cemetery (s.e. of Thompsonville, Franklin Co.), Boner - not complete (West Frank Fort, Franklin Co.), Drake - not complete (sec. 33, Stonefort Twp.), Spring Hill - not complete (sec. 22, Stonefort Twp.), Davis Pra[i]rie (sec. 13, East Marion Twp.), Mt. Pleasant (sec. 30, Crab Orchard Twp.), Oakwood & Hillcrest (Carterville), County Line (Creal Springs Twp.), Fairview (sec.13, Creal Springs Twp.), Creal Springs (sec. 25, Creal Springs Twp.), Ferrell (sec. 22 Crab Orchard Twp.), to be continued

Williamson County cemeteries continued: Pulley (sec. 12, East Marion Twp.), Indian Camp (sec. 35, Crab Orchard Twp.), Pleasant Grove (sec. 18., Crab Orchard Twp.), 1 tombstone Matsinger cem. formerly Kenalae farm (n. of rt 13, sec. 15), Eaton (sec. 26, East Marion Twp.), Calvert (sec. 17, East Marion Twp.), 2 Perry graves (location not given), Spring Hill (sec. 22, Stonefort Twp.), Thompson (sec. 14, East Marion Twp.), Edwards (sec. 24, East Marion Twp.), Bethlelhem (sec. 13, East Marion Twp.), Caplinger (sec. 28, East Marion Twp.), Union Grove (sec. 35, Lake Creek Twp.), Zion Church cemetery (sec. 17, Corinth Twp.) County Line (n. of Corinth, Franklin Co.), Dillingham (sec. 23, Corinth Twp.), No. 8 (East of Johnston City), Shiloh ? (sec. 28, Corinth Twp.), Summers (sec. 24, Cor. Twp.), Perry (South Twp.), Fountain Church cemetery (Ward's Mill), Herrin (sec. 29, Herrin Twp.), Hurricane (near Herrin), Walker (sec. 27, Herrin Twp.), Bainbridge (w. of Marion), Ralls (West Marion Twp.), E. L. Hunter monument (Creal Springs), Old Marion cemetery, Ferges (sec. 7, Herrin Twp.), Rock Creek (behind Coal Bank Church), Allen (Crab Orchard Twp.), Bethel (Crab Orchard Twp.), Campbell (Crab Orchard Twp.), Beasley or Neely? (Crab Orchard Twp.), Tanner? (behind Hart Weee Davenport place), Cash (W. Benson property), Koonce (Creal Springs), Angel (sec. 8, Crab Orchard Twp.), Shiloh (Marion), Brack (on Dack Ritchey's farm), Garris (Saline Co.), Providence (Saline Co.), Hall (no location listed), Arnold (sec. 8, Stonefest), Davis (Sarahville, sec. 5 or 6, Stonefort Twp.), Arnold (sec. 8, Stonefort Twp.), lone grave - Marina S. wife of W. T. Davis d. 1878 34 yrs. (Sarahville), lone grave - Ehud Watson d. 9/18/1877 - War of 1812 (near Holiday Inn, West Marion), Moake, Cox (Scottsboro), Sanders (sec. 35, Lake Creek Twp.), Hartwell (no location given).



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