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Veterans buried in Williamson County, Illinois cemeteries

Manuscript/Manuscript on Film
Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1974
on 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.


Microreproduction of typescript.

Williamson County cemeteries included: Aikman (Marion, West Marion Twp.), Blair (Johnston, Lake Creek Twp.), Baker family (Marion, Grassy Twp.), Beasley family (Carbondale, Carterville Twp.), Becker (Johnston City, Lake Twp.), Bethel (Marion, Crab Orchard Twp.), Bethleham (Marion, Crab Orchard Twp.), Bethany Memorial (Herrin, Herrin Twp.), Blairsville (Carterville, Blairsville Twp.), Bolton (Stonefort, Stonefort Twp.), Boyd (Marion, Creal Springs Twp.), Brack (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Brannon family (Carbondale, Grassy Twp.), Bulliner (Carterville, Carterville Twp.), Busby (Goreville, Southern Twp.), Bush (Bush, BlairsvilleTwp.), Cambria (Cambria, Blairsville Twp.), Cana Church cemetery (Creal Springs, Creal Springs Twp.), Caplinger (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Carterville - see Hillcrest, Oakwood (Carterville, Carterville Twp.), Cash (Marion, Southern Twp.), Ceder Grove (Marion, West Marion Twp.), Cline (Marion, Crab Orchard Twp.), Coal Bank Springs (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Cocke (Marion, Creal Springs Twp.), Cole-Hess (Marion, Grassy Twp.), Community Center cemetery (Carterville, Carterville Twp.), Condiff (Cameria, Blairsville Twp.), Corinth (Pittsburg, Corinth Twp.), County Line cemetery (Creal Springs, Creal Springs Twp.), Crab Orchard (Marion, Southern Twp.), Craig (Carterville, Carterville Twp.), Creal Springs (Creal Springs, Creal SpringsTwp.), Cross Road (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Davis Prairie (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Dewmaine (Carterville, Blairsville Twp.), Dillingham (Thompsonville, Corinth Twp.), Dollar family (Carterville, Carterville Twp.), Donelson (Marion, Creal Springs Twp.), Drake (Creal Springs, Creal Springs Twp.), Dunaway (Marion, Creal Springs Twp.), East Lawn Memorial Gardens (Herrin, West Marion Twp.), Edwards (Marion, Crab Orchard Twp.), Fairview (Creal Springs, Creal Springs Twp.), [?] Family cemetery (Creal Springs, Creal Springs Twp.), Farris (Marion, Crab Orchard Twp.), Ferges (Herrin, Herrin Twp.), to be continued

Williamson County cemeteries continued: Ferrell (Carterville, Crab Orchard Twp.), Fountain (Marion, Southern Twp.), Freedom (Marion, Southern Twp.), Freeman (Freeman Spur, Herrin Twp.), Furlong (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Gentry (Carbondale, Grassy Twp.), Glendale (Herrin, Blairsville Twp.), Goddard (Creal Springs, Creal Springs Twp.), Green Farm (Marion, Southern Twp.), Hampton (Carterville, Carterville Twp.), Hanks (Marion, West Marion Twp.), Harmony (Marion, West Marion Twp.), Harris (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Hartwell (Johnston City, Lake Creek Twp.), Henry (Marion, Southern Twp.), Henshaw (Stonefort, Stonefort Twp.), Herrin City cemetery (Herrin, Herrin Twp.), Hill (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Hill Crest (Carterville, Carterville Twp.), Hinchcliff (Carterville, Blairsville Twp.), Holmes (Stonefort, Stonefort Twp.), Howell family (Carterville, Grassy Twp.), Huck (Johnston City, Lake Creek Twp.), Jacob Hunter family cemetery (Johnston City, Lake Creek Twp.), Hurricane (Carterville, Carterville Twp.), Hurst (Hurst, Blairsville Twp.), I. O. O. F. (Marion, West Marion Twp.), Jeffery (Marion, Herrin Twp.), Johnston City cemetery (Johnston City, Lake Creek Twp.), Joiner (Stonefort, Stonefort Twp.), Lake Creek (Johnston City, Lake Creek Twp.), Lawrence (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Liberty Church cemetery (Carbondale, Southern Twp.), Lithuanian cemetery (Johnston City, Lake Creek Twp.), Locust Grove (Johnston City, Corinth Twp.), Maplewood (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Marion City cemetery (Marion, West Marion Twp.), Masonic (Johnston City, Lake Creek Twp.), McCowan (Carterville, Carterville Twp.), McInture (Marion, West Marion Twp.), McKinney (Creal Springs, Creal Springs Twp.), McKinney Hill (Carterville, Carterville Twp.), Menes (Goreville, Southern Twp.), Methodist cemetery (Marion, Creal Springs Twp.), Motsinger (Marion, Crab Orchard Twp.), Mt. Moriah (Stonefort, Stonefort Twp.), Mt. Pleasant (Pittsburg, Lake Creek Twp.), to be continued

Williamson County cemeteries continued: Murphy (Johnston City, Lake Creek Twp.), Neely (Marion, East Marion Twp.), New Rosehill (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Norman (Marion, East Marion Twp.), North cemetery (Carbondale, Carterville Twp.), Oak (Carbondale, Grassy Twp.), Oak Grove (Carterville, Grassy Twp.), Oakwood (Carterville, Carterville Twp.), Odum family (Creal Springs, Creal Springs Twp.), Oglesby (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Old Bethlehem (Marion, Southern Twp.), Old Grass Creek (Carterville, Grassy Twp.), Old Marion (Marion, West Marion Twp.), Osage (Hurst, Blairsville Twp.), Palestine (Carbondale, Grassy Twp.), Parks (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Pike (Marion, West Marion Twp.), Pleasant Grove (Pittsburg, Crab Orchard Twp.), Pleasant Hill (Carbondale, Grassy Twp.), Pulley (Marion, Crab Orchard Twp.), Rains family (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Rex (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Ritchie (Marion, Crab Orchard Twp.), Robertson (Marion, Creal Springs Twp.), Rodd (Cambria, Blairsville Twp.), Russell (Carterville, Carterville Twp.), St. Carlo Catholic cemetery (Herrin, Herrin Twp.), Summers (Marion, Crab Orchard Twp.), Salem (Johnston City, Lake Creek Twp.), Sanders - Stilley (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Shake Ridge (Johnston City, Lake Creek Twp.), Shallon (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Shead Church cemetery (Marion, Crab Orchard Twp.), Shiloh (Marion, Creal Springs Twp.), Simmons (Creal Springs, Stonefort Twp.), Skaggs (Marion, Southern Twp.), Skinner family (Carterville, Grassy Twp.), Somers Methodist Church cemetery ( Thompsonville, Corinth Twp.), Spring Grove (Marion, Crab Orchard Twp.), Spring Hill (Stonefort, Stonefort Twp.), Steretz (Johnston City, Herrin Twp.), Stotlar (Herrin, Herrin Twp.), Summers (Marion, Crab Orchard Twp.), Talley (Cambria, Blairsville Twp.), Tanner (Stonefort, Stonefort Twp.), Taylor (Creal Springs, Stonefort Twp.), Trammel (Stonefort, Stonefort Twp.), Union Grove (Pittsburg, Crab Orchard Twp.), Vernon (Marion, West Marion Twp.), to be continued

Williamson County cemeteries continued: Violet farm cemetery (Creal Springs, Creal Springs Twp.), Unknown cemetery, West County Line cemetery, Carterville Twp.), West & Dunn (Marion, Southern Twp.), White Ash ( Marion, Herrin Twp.), White Oak (Creal Springs, Creal Springs Twp.), Williams Prairie Baptist cemetery (Johnston City, Lake Creek Twp.), Willson (Cambria, Blairsville Twp.), Wolf Creek (Carterville, Grassy Twp.), Worley (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Wright (Marion, East Marion Twp.), Zion (Johnston, Corinth Twp.).



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