The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah is expanding its hours. Beginning Monday June 6 our library hours will be as follows: Monday's & Friday-Saturday - 9:00am-6:00pm and Tuesday-Thursday - 9:00am-8:00pm. Further information will be updated on the FamilySearch newsroom.
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Digital Library

  • What is the difference between the records and the Digital Library (books)? Why are they separate? Records are for items that were not published, mostly primary sources. The Digital Library (books) is composed of items that have generally been published and are compiled from secondary or tertiary sources. They are separate because they are processed and published in different formats.
  • How do you search the Digital Library? Primarily by title, author, and keyword. For additional tips, see our wiki page: Digital Library Search Tips. You are also able to find content by searching the FamilySearch catalog. If the content has been digitized, there will be a URL to take you to the digitized resource.
  • Can I print from the Digital Library? You may download books that are public domain or full permission. Navigate to the book you would like to print, open in viewer, and select the download button to download the book to your computer. Once the book is downloaded to your computer you can print it.
  • Why can't I view protected books/items online? Where can I view them? These books are under copyright and therefore not viewable on our site. When you perform a search using a search term you can see snippets of copyright material. If the material looks of interest to you, you can find the physical book at the owning institution, usually the Family History Library.