Implementation Progress

Organizations and software developers wishing to improve their family history software should consider upgrading to be FamilySearch GEDCOM 7 compatible. Over time, the number of programs using the upgraded file type will increase, and the benefits of the new specifications will be widespread.

Companies Committed to Adopting FamilySearch GEDCOM 7

Below are some of the companies and websites committed to adopting the FamilySearch GEDCOM 7 standard: A growing list of companies around the world are adopting the new FamilySearch GEDCOM 7.0 standard. As they do, you will find transferring genealogy files from one application to another easier and easier.

By or Before
AncestryAncestry.comWebEnglish, Espanoltbd
Armidale SoftwareMagiCensus DeluxeWindowsEnglishApril 2022
Calico PieFamily HistorianWindowsEnglishtbd
Coret GenealogyGenealogy OnlineWebEnglishtbd
FamilySearch most common3Q22
Interesting.comWikitreeWebEnglish, Français, German, Nederlands, Portuguesetbd
Parallax ViewpointSVG Family-Tree Generator (SVG-FTG)WebEnglish4 April 2022
Progeny GenealogyCharting CompanionWindows,macOS tbd
RootsMagicRootsMagicWin, macOSEnglishtbd
Synium SoftwareMacFamilyTree 10macOSEnglish, Español, Français, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Russia22 February 2022

The appeal of FamilySearch GEDCOM 7.0 is international. In Germany alone, more than a dozen companies and organizations have adopted it for their products.

AuthorApplicationPlatformLanguagesAvailable by or Before
Albert Emmerich GEN_DO! WebGerman, EnglishDec-21
Boris Neubert OmegaWinGerman, FrenchDec-22
Diedrich Hesmer OFB/GPS WinGerman, EnglishDec-21
Dirk Böttcher Ahnenblatt WinGerman, English, French, 16 other languagesDec-22
Ekkehart v. Renesse StammbaumdruckerWinGermanDec-21
Günther Schwärzer PC-Ahnen WinGermanOct-21
Jan EscholtFamilienbuchWinGerman, EnglishDec-22
Johan Mulderij PRO-GENWinGerman, Dutch, Englishtbd
Jörn Daub Ages!WinGerman, English, French, 14 other languagestbd
Josef SchniederGES2000 WinGermanDec-22
Michael Suhr GHomeWinGerman, English, French, 3 other languagestbd
Peter SchulzGedToolWinGerman, EnglishDec-21
Stefan Mettenbrink Familienbande/ShowMeGedcom Win/Linux/macOSGermanDec-22

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