The Source Box

The FamilySearch Source Box is a tool that users can leverage to organize sets of source descriptions. Each user has a single source box. The source box is a container for a set of folders. Each folder is identified by a name and contains references to source descriptions. The source box always contains at least one folder, the "default folder", that can be identified by virtue of the fact that its name is the empty string. Other folders may be added and deleted from a user's source box, but the default folder may not be renamed nor deleted.

Each folder contains a set of references to source descriptions. When a Source Description is created, a reference to it is added to the default folder of the user who created the description.

References to source descriptions can be added or removed from folders, but a reference to any given source description may not be contained in more than one folder. This means that adding a reference to a source description to one folder may also have the effect of removing it from another folder.

A reference to a source description can be removed from all folders. In other words, not all source descriptions created by a user have to be contained in the user's source box. Note that removing a reference to a source description from a folder in a source box does not remove the source description.

  • To see a specific user's list of folders in the user's source box, use the User Source Folders resource.
  • To create a new folder, use the Source Folders resource.
  • To read, edit, or delete a folder, use the Source Folder resource.
  • To page through the descriptions contained in a specific folder, or to add a description reference to a folder, use the Source Folder Source Descriptions resource.
  • To read a list of all source descriptions contained in all folders of a specific user, use the User Source Descriptions resource.
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