API Compatible Checklists

General minimum capabilities for compatibility
Minimum capabilities for OAuth2 for web, desktop and mobile applications
Minimum capabilities for read features of all API modules
Add Persons
Minimum capabilities for adding a single person or multiple persons to the FamilySearch Family Tree
Tree Write
Minimum capabilities for managing people in the FamilySearch Family Tree
Genealogies Write
Minimum capabilities for uploading and replacing trees and persons in Genealogies
Sources Write
Minimum capabilities for writing source descriptions and references
Memories Write
Minimum capabilities for adding and maintaining photos, stories and other documents
Latter-day Saints Services
Minimum capabilities for implementing features specific to Latter-day Saints
Minimum capabilities for additional features that can be verified as compatible

API Feature Implementation Guide

User flow for desktop and mobile applications.
Compatibility Overview
Overview of Compatibility Review process, compliance enforcement measures, data quality and data security practices
Latter-day Saints Services
Guides for reading and reserving Latter-day Saints ordinances, including the printing of cards and use of submission policy.
Read Only Apps
Suggested user interfaces for accessing change history, discussion, hints, memories, persons, and sources.
Write Memories
Guides for adding and maintaining audio, photos, stories and other documents.
Write Sources
Implementation suggestions for creating source descriptions and attaching them to persons.
Write Family Trees
Guidelines for managing, persons, facts, and relationships in FamilySearch Family Trees

API Compatible Benefits

Benefits of Working with FamilySearch
Overview of the benefits of association with FamilySearch, Compatibility, App Gallery, and marketing.
Frequently Asked Questions related to working with FamilySearch.
Memories Opportunity
Opportunities for third-parties to leverage FamilySearch Memories Module.
Business Resources
These resources include legal agreements, forms and applications, and instruction for the App Gallery.
Logos and Artwork
Icons, logos and other artwork are available individually and in a Zip folder.
Change Language


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