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Family History Simple Start: Discover New Apps
Already explored your family tree a little and ready to try something new? Visit the FamilySearch Solutions Gallery to find some fun and useful family history tools. You can get an overview of each of these in only a few minutes. But watch out! You just might end up getting hooked.

All the apps below are free and can be found on FamilySearch’s Solutions Gallery or by going directly to the website of one of the apps. Each app requires logging in to If you don’t have a FamilySearch or LDS account, you can get one here.

Relative Finder

Have you wondered who you might be related to in your ward or stake? Or maybe you think you might be a distant cousin of Abraham Lincoln or Marilyn Monroe? Then Relative Finder, developed by the BYU Family History Technology Lab, is the app for you. After logging in, you’ll go directly to a chart that lists all the important cousins you never knew you had. These relatives will be organized in categories such as “Movie Stars,” “LDS Prophets,” and even “European Royalty.” If you want to look a little closer to home, click Groups. Here you might join one of hundreds of groups, such as the Madison LDS Stake group or the BYU Alumni group. Or you can create your own group. Get your friends to come on board, and see how you’re all related!

Learn how to use apps to aid your family history work.

How apps can make family history easier.
Baby Ancestry

If you’re looking for just the right name for the new addition to your family, Baby Ancestry can give you suggestions from your own family tree. You’re sure to find some names you never considered before. (How about “Mourning” for your next child?) Clicking a name will link you to photos or stories others may have posted about people on your tree with that name.


Kinpoint presents a different way of looking at your tree by displaying the information in a fan chart. Colored dots help focus your attention on missing information or date inconsistencies. Much of the information is available for free, while other information requires an upgrade to Kinpoint Premium for $4.99 a month.

Find useful apps to help you with your family history work.


Which apps help with family history work.
This handy app will help you create attractive charts to display your family history. Once you have logged in, you can select fan charts, photo charts, or name clouds or even look at source trackers. Download and print the results, and in only a few minutes you can have the perfect chart for your wall or a Christmas gift for your mother.

If the five apps here aren’t enough, don’t worry—there are more! Spend a few minutes in the FamilySearch Solutions Gallery, and see what other fun and useful websites and apps you can find.

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