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In February 2012, FamilySearch International quietly released an early version of a new mobile indexing application (indexing software for popular smartphones and tablet computers). Many volunteers were and are excited about the possibility of doing indexing from their mobile devices and the number of people downloading the app has surpassed expectations. We have received several questions regarding the new app and its future that are addressed here.

How does the mobile indexing app work?

Answer: The indexing app displays image “snippets” from handwritten historical documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates, census forms and naturalization records. Each snippet contains a single name, date, place-name, or other relevant information from these documents. You simply transcribe (index) what you see in the image.

What accuracy or quality model is used with this app?

Answer: To ensure quality and accuracy of the indexing submitted from mobile devices, the system compares your work with answers from other volunteers until a “consensus” is reached (currently 3 out of 4 matching answers at a minimum). This is slightly different than the traditional A key + B key + arbitration model that we use in the standard indexing system.

What platforms are supported?

Answer: The mobile app supports both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android platforms and is available for free in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Do I use the same account for the mobile app as I do for the standard indexing system?

Answer: Yes. Remember, this app is in its early stages of development and is not yet fully integrated into the indexing system, which means that your mobile contributions will not appear in your history within the standard FamilySearch indexing software or on administrative reports. We plan to include this integration in future versions. Note: It is not necessary to have the desktop program in order to use this app.

Is the work being done on mobile devices really going to be used?

Answer: Yes. In the current version of the app, you will see a combination of image snippets from collections that have already been indexed as well as from new collections. Reusing previously indexed snippets will help us determine the quality of results in order to make future improvements to the system. All of the work being done by volunteers on the mobile indexing app will eventually be added to increase the searchable database on

How is my mobile indexing work helping FamilySearch right now?

Answer: In addition to providing real indexing that will eventually be incorporated among the searchable records on, your efforts using the mobile app help to give “real world” testing to a product that we expect will be a key pillar in our future indexing program. This is testing that we could never simulate in a laboratory or software development setting.

What is the future for the mobile indexing app?

Answer: FamilySearch will be working to enhance the user experience of the app as well as to add more features. Some of these features include giving administrators access to reports, keeping track of indexer statistics such as records complete and images skipped, as well as a tutorial on indexing with the mobile app.

We’d love your feedback. Send your comments and suggestions on the mobile indexing app to Your contribution to this effort, however large or small, is greatly appreciated.


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  1. Just search for “indexing” or “family search indexing” and it should come up with the application. The icon is a capital I on parchment paper and the app is from Family Search International. Good luck.

  2. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  3. My submitted stats are stuck on 99. What is the problem? I have tried shutting down, logging out, and anything else I can think of.

  4. The Android version of this App isn’t working on my Samsung Galaxy Note II. Please help! I was very much looking forward to indexing on my phone!!! Thanks!!!

  5. trying to find this app for my new ipad- only thing I can find is rootstech 2012? Nothing comes up when I search using familysearch, family search, indexing….nothing. How do I find the app?

  6. I downloaded the indexing app from the Istore but I don’t think it works very well and I am so disappointed! Most of ths snippets ate so bad I cannot read them and going to the full page I cannot find the same names . It is do bad and confusing. Even when I figure some out, it seems like I keep going through the same list three or four times. I wish it was more like the regular indexing applets!

  7. I am unable to down load the app for my mobile device, iPad Mini. I had the old version but I do not have it now.
    It tells me it is not yet available in the United States. Please help me I would like to index on my iPad.

    Thank you very much, Mary Ann Burkey

  8. Is this app still available or does this need to be deleated? I am unable to find it in the Google App Store

  9. Why can’t I download the indexing app on my apple iPad mini ? I click download now and nothing happens. I index on my laptop

    1. The indexing app is only available for use on a desktop or laptop computer at this time. It doesn’t currently work for tablets and phones.