New French Census Records Aid Family History Research

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New French Census Records Aid Family History Research

If you have French heritage, you may be interested in six new census collections that were recently added to FamilySearch.

  1. France, Hérault, Census, 1906
  2. France, Hérault, Census, 1876
  3. France, Hérault, Census, 1891
  4. France, Nord, Census, 1906
  5. France, Côtes-d’Armor, Census, 1876
  6. France, Côtes-d’Armor, Census, 1906

Valuable Census Information

How can these records help you if you have French ancestry? These census records are valuable because they provide a snapshot of families at a specific time—in this case, 1876, 1891, and 1906. As you find your family in multiple census records, you will see a more complete picture of that family over the years.

During these years, censuses were taken by department, or region, every 5 years. In the census records you will find:

  • names of the people in a household
  • each person’s age at the time the census was taken
  • birth years for each person
  • birthplaces for each person
  • head of household
  • additional members of the household

Find More Family in French Census Records

Even though the census doesn’t give relationships between the people in a household, you can use the information in the census records to find other records that do prove relationships, such as christening or marriage records.

You might be trying to connect immigrant ancestors with their place of origin in France. Census records can help with that too. If you aren’t sure where some of your French ancestors originated, you can search the census by surname and potentially find your family.

These six collections bring the number of French census collections in FamilySearch to 13, including census records for the city of Toulouse and the departments of Dordogne and Saône-et-Loire. To see all collections for France, visit the France Research Page. And if you’d like to see more French records, why not help by participating in French indexing?

Collections are being indexed and published regularly, so please keep checking back for new or updated publications.


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  1. I was adopted in El Biar, Algeria, I was born March 29, 1962. I believe it was a french colony at the time. I m looking for anyone that can help me find out who my parents were at birth. I did not find out that I was adopted until I was 50years old. My birth certificate was changed Feb, 19, 1963 to Mercedes Brigitte Comba. My birth name name was Denise Terry. Any help would be helpful, or get me into with a genealogist in the Algeria area.

  2. Am looking for any information on a male.du vabor Anderson born in Marseille france between 1750.1830.I am finding this so difficult.can anyone help

  3. I am looking for family members in France who were family to Pierre’ Prevot who later came to American and settled in Manikintown,Virginia. Looking for family prior to this.

    Thanks Nancy Ray Smith

  4. I’m trying to locate a French relative ( My Mothers Brother Christian Durande) that I pray he is still alive. My last contact was approximately 25 years ago. When my Uncle and Aunt came for a visit to the United States. We are planning a family trip to France in October of this year for my Fathers 80Th Birthday, and wish to see them. However the contact numbers that we had are no longer good.
    My Mother has been passed away for many years, and the information I have is very limited about her family. What would be the process? I’ve considered hiring a private detective as well. Just someone please point me in a direction that I may see results.
    Thank you

  5. I am trying to find out any information of a person called Michele Cassar who apparently had a passport to work in France as a fireman around 1919/ 1930