Change a FamilySearch Public Account to an LDS Member Account

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As a family history consultant, you have probably had people come to you and say that they are registered on FamilySearch but they can’t see ordinance information for anyone. This and other problems arise when they first registered on FamilySearch and they did not provide their membership number. If they did not register with their membership number, they were automatically registered with a public account. Because of that, they will not have the full view of temple ordinance information that is not available to the general public. Some questions you may hear might include the following:


  • I registered for a FamilySearch account when I was not a member of the Church and have since been baptized.
  • I registered for a FamilySearch account without my membership number.
  • How can I update my FamilySearch account to add my membership number?
  • Can I change my FamilySearch public account to an LDS account?
  • When trying to log in to the new FamilySearch, I am getting the error: “Your account is not ready.”
  • I have been registered and using new FamilySearch fine, but now when I attempt to sign in, I get the message new FamilySearch is not available in your area.

   Users typically do not have a LDS member account if:

  • During the registration process, they indicated that they were not a member of the LDS Church.
  • When creating a LDS member account, they indicate that they are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint but did not provide their membership number. This is often the case when they don’t have their membership number with them at the time they create their account and they don’t want to wait until they have that information to create an account.

A FamilySearch public account can be converted to an LDS account under the following circumstances:

  • The FamilySearch account holder has been baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • A Church member created an account but did not add his or her Membership Record Number (MRN) at the time their account was created.

If membership information has not been added to an LDS Account, the error “Your account is not ready” displays when you try to sign in to

Follow the steps below to add your MRN (Membership Record Number) to your account.

NOTE: The history of names that a user indexed or arbitrated is lost when a FamilySearch Account is converted from a public account to an LDS account.

  1. Go to:

Sign In 1









2.  Enter your FamilySearch account Username in the LDS Account Username field.

3. Enter your Password.

4.  Click Sign in.

5.  On the Profile page, click Change membership status link as shown below.

Membership Information 2

6. On the Membership Information page:

  • Enter your Membership Record Number (MRN).
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Enter the text from the image in the box, if one appears on the page.
  • Click Save Changes.

Update Member Information 3











Note: If the Update button does not respond when selected, try enabling Compatibility View if using Internet Explorer, or try using a different web browser, like Firefox. If you get the message “User already exists,” please contact FamilySearch support.


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  1. I originally signed onto family search didn’t have my membership number so signed in as a public member. I forgot my sign in so signed in again changed my name a little so I can create another log in again no membership number, now Im trying to go into either login as I have both my passwords but wont allow me to put in my membership number in the profile section. Not working and I am trying to register as a member so I can use family search and use the free access to ancestry and the other family history websites free. So until I change the membership status I can’t do this.

  2. NOTE: The history of names that a user indexed or arbitrated is lost when a FamilySearch Account is converted from a public account to an LDS account.

    Does this mean I lose all the information that I have in familysearch?

  3. I was previously registered. Now I have a new email address. How do I gain access again? Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Mary! You will have to speak to your ward clerk to get your LDS Membership Record Number.