There’s an App for That!

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There's an app for that!

The FamilySearch App gallery features over 110 partner apps. These partner apps offer various ways to help users find success as they Find, Take, and Teach. Some of these same partners are available on the FHC portal, but many are unique to the App gallery. Each has distinctive capabilities to make family history a little easier and more engaging.

When you click into the App Gallery you will find that the page is organized into 5 segments:

  • New and Noteworthy
  • Find Ancestors
  • Family Tree Software
  • Photos and Stories
  • Charts and Tree Views
  • Tree Analyzing

At the end of each row, click the blue More button to see the rest of the apps in that category. Once you can see all apps in that category, you can sort the list by choosing one these options in the Sort By drop-down list:

  • Alphabetically. Clicking this option once will sort everything A–Z. Clicking this option again will sort everything Z–A.
  • New and updated. Clicking this option will put apps with the most recent changes first.
  • FamilySearch Certified. Clicking this option will show only apps that have completed the certification process.

By clicking on an app icon, you can see a description page, which includes the app’s features and capabilities, including the app’s ability to sync with your FamilySearch account, the cost of the app and date it was last updated, and user ratings for the app. You can also review and rate an app from the description page.

When you go back to the page with the list of apps, you will see a Start Over link above the Sort By drop-down list. Clicking on this link takes you back to the App home page.

Most apps are free, but some do have subscription costs. Any costs are clearly noted for each app, and some apps are repeated in different categories because they fill multiple purposes in Find, Take, and Teach. Language capability is also noted for each app.

New and Noteworthy

These apps were either just added to the App gallery or are apps you should pay attention to. This category often contains newly created versions of familiar software.

Find Ancestors

Use these apps to discover more about your ancestors by searching historical records. Many of these apps overlap with capabilities of Tree Analyzing, which analyzes the Tree and then find records belonging to the ancestors in your Tree.

Family Tree Software

Use these apps to stay organized and build your family tree. These software options enable you to keep a separate copy of the information you found on FamilySearch Family Tree. These apps typically sync with FamilySearch Family Tree and allow you to move information back and forth between your personal database and FamilySearch.

Photos and Stories

Use these apps to find, preserve, and share precious family photos.

Charts and Tree Views

These apps allow you to view your Family Tree data in a variety of interesting ways. Use these apps when you are helping members look for descendancy cousins eligible for temple ordinances. There are also some games that use your own family information from FamilySearch Family Tree—very fun!

Tree Analyzing

Uncover areas of your family tree that need more attention by using these apps. Look for missing dates, missing people, and missing records. One app will even send you a reminder when your ancestor turns 110 years old and is eligible for temple work. Relative Finder is a favorite of many family history center directors to help their local ward and branch members discover how they are related to one another.

With so many apps, certainly there is one that can help you discover greater success in your family history work or help someone else be successful in their family history endeavors. Take a look at the App gallery, and see if you can find something new to use as you Find, Take, and Teach.

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