8 Stories of Old Photos Finding New Life

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May is National Photo Month, and it presents the perfect time to consider stories of photo discovery and preservation such as those listed below. How have photographs impacted your family history? What photos do you want to save for future generations?






Family Connected with Unknown Photo Treasure Trove

During the installation, AT&T employee Scott Martin discovered a scrapbook with hundreds of old pictures

A telecom installer found over 100 years of family photos in the boiler room of an apartment in which he was connecting service. With help from his supervisor he was able to locate the family and reunite them with this priceless family history!

Forgotten Wartime Film

From 31 WWII rolls from over 70 years ago, wonderful images emerged from the developing tank

Levi Bettweiser of the Rescued Film Project discovered forgotten films in 2014 at an auction in Ohio.  The images ended up being from over 70 years ago, documenting everyday events in the life of a soldier from World War II.

Seen for the First Time

The photographer’s focus on faces rather than multitudes emphasizes that the marchers were people with lives and stories of their own.

The New York Times started publishing previously unpublished photos from their archives documenting black history in the United States and searching for the people featured in the photos.

50,000 Family Photos

As I shared information I started getting more information back, information that I never knew before

What would you do if you received 50,000 family photos? One family history enthusiast was overwhelmed but then got to work!

Another Family’s Photos

The collection features postcards and photographs dating back to 1905

A historian in the United Kingdom received albums of family photos but the photos were not of his family. He is searching for the rightful owners!

Grandfather’s Memory Lives On

Grandma in the late 1950s (left) + Granddad at basic training, circa 1949 (right)

Three generations of photographers finish a project to preserve the memory of a grandfather.

Family Photo Exhibited on Historic Home

Artist Gary Sweeney has adorned his family's longtime home in Manhattan Beach with large-scale memories ahead of its March demolition.

When a home connected to an extended family for 70 years was slated for demolition, a family member covered the home in large images of the multi-generational family for passersby to get a glimpse into the family’s life.

Have You Seen These People?

1940s-60s family photos found in charity shop cabinet - Do you recognise the names or faces, to help find their rightful owner

Charity workers are trying to locate a family shown in a collection of photos they received from the 1940–60s. The photos were found in a hospice center’s cabinet.


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