5 Great Video Tips for Searching for Your Irish Ancestors

April 4, 2014  - by 

Are you searching for your Irish ancestors and bumping up against a brick wall? Are you looking for records of your ancestors in Ireland only to be told they were destroyed during the rebellion? How about looking for Patrick O’Brian in a land with more than 23,500 Patrick O’Brians? Does the idea of doing Irish research sound a bit daunting? Doing research in Ireland may have its challenges, but it’s hardly impossible, especially if you have some help from someone who knows the ropes.

Recently David Rencher, Chief Genealogy Officer for FamilySearch International and professional Irish researcher, took some time to sit down and let us video tape him answering some of the most commonly asked questions that people have when doing Irish research.

Below are links to 5 brief video interviews with by David Rencher. Each is about 2 minutes or less. Listen carefully and enjoy some helpful tips for finding your Irish ancestors.

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  1. Note:- Wilfred Spencer is not Female as shown under ‘Gender’ birth of the above at Derby/England. married to Doris Elizabeth Thornton. Please correct this oversight???

  2. Thank you for this excellent information. The videos are very helpful. We are going to make these videos available to our patrons and missionaries. I am still wishing you had recorded your webinar last month. It was excellent. I watch for your articles and appreciate learning from you.

  3. I have not been able to trace Irish Ancestor Relatives. Luke Duffy 1822 Ireland-1890 Mo. Winifred Kehoe 1830 Dublin-1867 Mo. 1849 & 1851 Manifests. James Lillis 1836 Co Clare-1898 KC Mo=Margaret Jordan 1840 Co Cork-1905 KC Mo. her mom Margaret Jordan ca 1820 Co Cork-1901 KC Mo. I know the Duffy? Lillis clan married 2 sisters named Sexton. I wish to send reg-mail to LDS family history centers in ireland but do not have any addresses for Limerick, Cork & Dublin.. Any help will be appreciated. I do my research at the FHC Temple View in Las Vegas, TK U MLJ LV NV