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Love the wiki? Help make it better[redigera | redigera wikitext]


As you learn what a great tool the wiki is, you are invited to help keep the Wiki up-to-date, clean, and accurate. 

There are several opportunities to help, listed on the Wiki Care and Support page.

  • Maintaining the Help Content insures that the Help content is a valuable asset to anyone who uses the Wiki.  
  • Maintenance and Patrolling is necessary to keep links working correctly, ascertain whether articles are in the Scope of the Wiki, make sure that questions get answered on the Discussion pages, etc.
  • Perhaps, you would prefer to work with people. Help others learn to use and contribute to the wiki by joining the Wiki Contributor Support Committee.
  • The Wiki Welcoming Committee might be your niche.  Volunteers are always needed to help newcomers feel welcome and give them some helpful beginning information.
  • Help Categorize articles in the appropriate areas

Learn more about the above opportunities[redigera | redigera wikitext]

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Learn more about these ways to help through:

  • Wiki Support meetings - they are a great way to communicate with others and get a better understanding of what's needed, and how to help.
  • Mentoring - sign up to get one-on-one assistance.

Group Communication and Actions[redigera | redigera wikitext]

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We can work together and communication is a main part of that work.

  • We have Forums that help us work with each other. The link below is to the three forums that are specifically for the Wiki. By reading the posts and posting our own ideas and questions we can help ourselves and others understand the goals and work on the Wiki.
  • Wiki Forums As of 31 Dec 2012, the FamilySearch Forums have been suspended.

We also can communicate with each other in several other ways, both on the discussion pages for each article and page, and on the User discussion pages.

  • We can also talk to each of the registered Users in the Wiki.