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Ma page de discussion


Thank you for correcting this page :


Because of errors I made, this page disappeared of this one :

https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/fr/Cat%C3%A9gorie:France_-_Centres_d%27Histoire_Familiale Now, it is ok.

But the same problem (because I wanted to watch a model) occured and this other one also disappeared off the same list :


I only tried to correct : Langue 'Fançais' to 'Français'

And now, the page is a 'mess'.

Thank you for correcting it.

And sorry for my imperfect english.

Maithé Pichon

Histoire Familiale, Paroisse de Dijon

modification horaires du centre

bonjour again, I only change schedules and all the page is wrong Tell me what happens, i don't understand

(I usualy contribute to wikipedia and it's not like that)

Sorry Maithé Pichon