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What are Wiki words? Wiki words are terms used in wiki environments. Feel free to add helpful terminology that applies to the Wiki in the article below! 

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Boolean = Boolean is a technical term that determines whether something is false or true. For the purposes of the FamilySearch Wiki, boolean refers to a type of search that allows the user to include terms "AND," "OR," or "NOT" in a search to narrow or expand search results. To learn more about Boolean searches click here.

Contribuidor = Persona que aporta o contribuye información a FamilySearch Wiki. La palabra "Contribuyente" es posible, pero aconsejamos evitarla por confundirse con "persona que paga impuestos". Como por ejemplo los "listados de contribuyentes" (en inglés "tax-payer lists"), que son listados de personas que han contribuído al fisco nacional. Listados que pueden ser de utilidad genealógica.

FCK Editor = The FCK Editor is a rich text editor that allows users to format and organize text within a page or article without having to type in the actual code behind the text.

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Stub = Stub is a term used to describe a basic or empty article added to the Wiki. A stub article may be added to encourage contributors to fill in information on the stub article topic.

Transcluded = [needs definition]

W-Z[editar | editar código]

Wiki = Wiki means fast in Hawaiian. Today, the term wiki is used to describe software that allows users to collaboratively create, edit, link and organize content in a website.