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Recursos de investigación para los misioneros

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(Traducción de artículo en inglés. Los recursos mencionados están en inglés también)

Esta lista está diseñada principalmente para que los misioneros puedan ayudar a otros con su historia familiar. Agradecemos de manera especial a Merrill While por sugerir materiales y sitios de Internet.


Search for specific genealogical research guidance on a location: It is like a for all of the research outlines, and contains more updated information than any other research outline.

"'Easy Media Storage with Genealogy:[

GeneTree allows you to drag and drop media files (sound, audio, video, etc..) directly into the site. This site is in beta version, so the documents may not be directly connected to the individual at present.

FamilySearch Research

Click on ‘research guidance.’ This is a more awkward method of searching, but allows the searcher to get suggestions of records to search.

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness:

Trade research or help someone, and they will help you with gathering a record! This is a great way to network with other researchers or just everyday individuals who are willing to help someone with records around the world!

Research Helps:

This site contains several sites to help even the most basic researcher.

FamilySearch Labs:

Click on ‘Record Search,’ then register to search records that have been indexed AND those that are digitized, but not yet indexed! These databases are updated daily, so check back if you don’t find what you are looking for!

FamilySearch Library

Click on ‘Services’ in the left-hand column for phone numbers and e-mail addresses for free help and consultation, and to download forms to order copies by mail!

Family History Library Catalog:

The Catalog will contain links to all digitized books in the future! Also, new material is being added every day. If the records were not there last time you checked, check back on a regular basis to see what is new!

'Family History Consultants and Priesthood Leaders: '

If you or someone else is called as a consultant, the first step should be registering as a consultant. Many consultants confuse this with registering for FamilySearch. This is different. Special training is available to consultants, but only if they are registered! See also:,17884,6684-1,00.html

Personal Ancestral

Notice there is NO www. in front! This site is like taking a class right at the library, but at your own pace! It contains everything from basic data entry to advanced focus filter! It includes step-by-step instructions and hands-on demonstrations with audio!

BYU Family History Site:

Once again, no www. Check ‘Resources,’ and ‘Current Projects’ regularly. Students and teachers collaborate together each year to make resources available free to the public!

US Census

Once again, no www. The US Federal Census is the most valuable federal records available, because they allow the searcher to Learn how to use the Census to locate ancestors! Enter, and then click on ‘Tutorial’ at the top of the page.

Family History

No www. Click on ‘Online Lessons’ or ‘Printable Lessons’ to learn valuable steps. Whether you are learning, or teaching (click on ‘Teaching Outlines’), this is a valuable resource.

Family History

Look up a digital family history that you may view at home! This collection grows every day, so check back if you don’t find anything!

'Family ''''

Remember, if you need help with PAF Insight, this is not a church product. Use the link and click on the ‘Support’ tab at the top of the page. The producers of this software will provide needed support and help.

Product Support:1-866-406-1830

This number is easy to remember because the church was organized on 4/06/1830. Just remember it is 866- not 800-. This toll-free number may be used for any FamilySearch Products, including the New FamilySearch and PAF.

This is the oldest free genealogy website online, hosted by Take time to search for free databases containing a variety of records depending on the area.


Note: this is NOT a website, but an e-mail address! Send questions about genealogy or the website to the above e-mail address, or go to this website: to fill out an online form.

Distribution Materials
  • A Member’s Guide to Temple and Family History Work (34697)
  • How Do I Start My Family History? (32916)
  • Church Handbook of Instructions, Book 2 Section 9, “Temple and Family History Work” (35709)
  • Mormon Immigration Index (50174000)
  • A Guide to Research (30971)
  • Training for Family History Leaders DVD (00410090)
  • Welcome to the Family History Center (35753000)