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How to Use[edit | edit source]

Zoekakten.nl is a Dutch website that helps in locating Dutch & Belgium images on FamilySearch.org.

Step 1: If you want to find a record from the Netherlands, continue to step 2. For Belgium, click on 'Belgie' in the top right.

Step 2: Click on the provincal code at the top of the page. The codes for the Netherlands are included here

Abbreviation Province
GR Groningen
FR Friesland
DR Drente
OV Overijssel
FL Flevoland
GL Gelderland
UT Utrecht
NH Noord-Holland
ZH Zuid-Holland
ZL Zeeland
NB Noord-Brabant
LB Limburg

Step 3: All the places in that province will appear as an alphabetical list. Click on the place or municipality of the record.

Step 4: A page will appear, divided into three sections and the following subsections. Some of the subsections may be absent or different, especially for the 'Bevolkingregisters' section. English translations are provided in brackets.

DTB (Church Records)

  • Indexen DTB (Indexes of Church Records)
  • Dopen (Baptisms)
  • (Onder)Trouwen, Trouwbijlagen (Marriages and Banns, Marriage supplements)
  • Begraven (Burials)
  • Lidmaten (Lists of Parish members)

Burgerlijke Stand (Civil registration)

  • Tafels (Indexes)
  • Geboorten (Births)
  • Huwelijksaangiften (Marriage Intentions)
  • Huwelijksafkondigingen (Marriage Banns)
  • Huwelijken en Echtscheidingen (Marriages and Divorces)
  • Huwelijksbijlagen ('Marriage Supplements")
  • Overlijden (Deaths)
  • Diversen DTB, BS en BR (A Mix of Church Records, Civil Registration and Population registration)

Bevolkingregisters (Population registers)

  • Indexen Bevolking (Indexes to Population registers)
  • Bevolking (Population registers)
  • Dienstboden / Knechten (Servants)
  • Ingekomen / Vertrokken Personen (New and Departing residents)
  • Volkstelling (Censuses)

Step 5: Click on the relevant category Step 6': The records available will be displayed. If 'index' is displayed beside it, a breakdown of records by type and year has been provided by Zoekakten. If 'snel' is beside it, you can click on 'snel' and see all the images of the film on one page in thumbnail size. This is especially useful for Church records.

Volunteer[edit | edit source]

Zoekakten is always willing for users to sumbit corrections and indexes. Their preferred method for indexes is an excel sheet with the information in the same layout as their site

Warning[edit | edit source]

Zoekakten used be called genver.nl, but was renamed in the summer of 2014.
The old genver.nl website had been removed but has re-appeared as an illegal pirated site.