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The Netherlands > Zeeland

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For Geographical and Historical information see: Zeeland

The capital city of Zeeland is Middelburg. See: Middelburg

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Constituent parts

  • Schouwen-Duiveland
  • Tholen
  • Noord-Beveland
  • Walcheren, Zuid-Beveland
  • Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (Zealands Flanders)

Did you know?

The country of New Zealand was named after this province.


Nehalennia is a goddesss of the ancient religion known around the province of Zeeland. Her worship dates back at least to the 2nd century BC and flourished in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. She was possibly a regional goddess, either Celtic or pre-Germanic - sources differ on the culture that first believed in her. During the Roman Era, her main function appeared to be the protection of travelers, especially seagoing travelers crossing the North Sea. Most of what is known about her comes from the remains of over 160 carved stone offerings (votives) which have been dredged up from the Oosterschelde since 1970. Two more Nehalennia offering stones have also been found in Cologne, Germany.

Research Tools

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Because of the bombings of the dikes in 1940 and 1944, as well as the terrible floods of 1953, many church and civil records have been lost. If you can't find the records you need for the town your ancestors came from, try search court and notarial records.

A great web-site for Zeeland is: Zeeuws Archief, database Zeeuwen Gezocht. All civil marriage records - from 1796/1811 till 1933 have been extracted and are available on that site. If you can't find what you are looking for, you can always contact them by clicking on the button "Feedback" found in the top right hand corner.

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