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*The [http://www.gov.yk.ca/aboutyukon/emblemsandsymbols.html Yukon Coat of Arms] is a red, blue, gold and white shield surmounted by a malamute (or husky) standing on a mound of snow. Wavy vertical white and blue stripes represent the Yukon River and the gold-bearing creeks of the Klondike. Red spire-like forms represent the territory's mountains and the gold circles within symbolize mineral resources. At the top of the shield is a cross of St. George in recognition of the early English explorers and a "roundel in vair" as a symbol of the fur trade. The [http://www.hss.gov.yk.ca/programs/vitalstats/geneology/ Health and Social Services] site contains information about genealogy and vital statistics. <!--{12061236549000} -->
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