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The best collection of published biographies in Wyoming is at the Wyoming State Archives. The American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming also collects biographical works.

The Family History Library has a good collection of biographical materials on subjects such as women, cowboys, and prominent pioneers. Some examples of helpful biographical collections are:

Bartlett, Ichabod S. History of Wyoming. Three Volumes. Chicago, Illinois: S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1918. (Family History Library film 1000826 items 2-4.) Volumes 2-3 are biographical.

Beach, Cora May Brown. Women of Wyoming. Two Volumes. Casper, Wyoming: S. E. Boyer, 1927.

Beard, Frances B. Wyoming from Territorial Days to the Present. Three Volumes. Chicago, Illinois: American Historical Society, 1933. (Family History Library film 1000827.) Volumes 2-3 are biographical.

Progressive Men of the State of Wyoming. Chicago, Illinois: A. W. Bowen, 1903. (Family History Library film 1000827 item 4.)

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