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:You must be signed into the Wiki for this feature to work.
:You must be signed into the Wiki for this feature to work.
== Categories  ==
== Categories  ==

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Notifications of Changes - Watching Pages

New information could be added at any time to the pages for places where you are researching. "Watch" those pages, and you can receive an email each time a page is updated. Click Watch in the upper right hand corner.
For example, if you are researching in Albany, New York, "Watch" the following pages:
Each time information is added to one of those pages, you'll receive an e-mail.
You must be signed into the Wiki for this feature to work.
Main article: Help:Watchlist


Wiki Categories, or Topics, allow you to view articles that are related. You can review a Category Page to see all wiki pages on a particular topic.
See all categories here:
Some particularly useful categories, with a lot of information, can be found listed in the following articles:

Discussion Pages

Are there pieces missing that would make an article be more complete? Add a note to the Discussion (or "Talk") Page to ask a question or request Wiki Contributors add information to that page. To add a note:
  1. Click on the Discussion tab in the upper left to get to the Discussion page.
  2. Click to Edit this Page (you will have to Sign in with a FamilySearch account).

Your User Page

The user page is where you have the opportunity to share information about yourself, or your research interests. This is a great way to get to know a little about a contributor to an article, or even find someone with the same interests. It also gives other users a way to communicate with you.

Navigating The Wiki

Note the 4 purple boxes on the right side of this page (Views, Toolbox, Community, Personal tools). This is knows as the "Navigation Bar" or "Nav Bar".
  • Personal Tools gives you links for your User page, your Talk page, and your Watchlist.
  • Community includes the Wiki Home link, though most links are for wiki editors.
  • Learn more about these menus and how to use them.

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